Table calorie cereals

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9457395-copos-de-cereales-y-orejas-de-trigo-sobre-fondo-blancoWhat cereals choose to diet

Although many will escape cereals when they want to lose weight, the reality is that these are foods that should not be missed in a weight loss regimen. Therefore, that the best you can have on hand a table of calories from grains, cereals and so know what to choose to diet.

Within a balanced diet, such as the Mediterranean diet, cereals are essential. It is therefore important to have on hand, the calorie chart of different cereals to know which ones to choose.

Before you know the different caloric values, I must clarify that divide the table into two. On the one hand, you have the corresponding to 1 cup of ready-to-eat cooked cereal values; and while on the other hand have the values ​​of raw cereal flours / cup.

Table of calories cooked cereals
Cereal Calories per cup cooked cereal
Avena 88
166 brown rice
amaranth 251
Mijo 207
quinoa 222

Table of calories from raw cereals
Cereal Calories per cup of uncooked cereal
446 Rye flour
Brown rice flour 574
Wheat flour 408
Cornmeal 422
Oatmeal 404
444 millet flour
356 chickpea flour
Soybean meal low in fat 330
These are some cereals that can take into account when dieting and prepare your own meals. If you present this table, you’ll see that cereals themselves have fewer calories than flour.

Moreover, keep in mind that each and every one of these flours have properties that can help you lose weight, but you need to be careful with portions. Even cereals, especially whole grains have a low glycemic index (GI), which improves not only the treatment of obesity, it is useful for those suffering from diabetes.

To get more out of whole grains, can be mixed with raw or cooked vegetables; so that their satiating and detoxifying properties is enhanced.

Finally, do not forget that all these foods contain fiber, an essential organic compound in any diet to lose weight in a healthy way. Therefore, when preparing light meals, consider these grains and flours. There are many tasty dishes from which you can draw on, such as salads, stews and breads light.

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