Table of fruits low calorie

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Fruits for calorie diets

While overall fruit are foods that are allowed on the diet to lose weight, it is important to know what fruit you choose, given their calories. To achieve this, I will present a table of low calorie fruits to help you choose those that contain less calorie diet more easily.

Fruits in general are foods that are characterized by low caloric content, it will come to wonder if you’re on a diet to lose weight. Besides this advantage, the fruits will provide other important nutrients for your health in general, such as:

Vitamins and minerals
For all these reasons it is desirable that always consume between 3-5 servings of fruits, but especially if you’re dieting to lose weight. You can include your consumption of fruit at breakfast, main meals as a dessert or snack on.

Fruits generally have certain properties that will help you lose weight:

6363277-frutas-frescasThey have few calories relative to volume. So you can eat a good portion without overdo calorie intake
Provide satiety, especially if you consume your shell. Thus, you’ll battle pesentar one of the greatest enemies of diets: the devouring hunger.
They act as water treatment plants due to its fiber content, which drags substances harmful to your body. For this reason, they will detoxify you while helping you lose weight.
Improve your intestinal transit, helping to eliminate waste and preventing suffer from constipation and bloating.
They act as antioxidants, reducing the formation of free radicals. which will improve your cellular metabolism, making it easier to mobilize and burn your fat located.
For all these reasons, I invite you to consult the following table of low calorie fruit, so you know whom to include in your diet and you benefit with excellent properties to slim and purify your body.

Table of fruits low calorie
Food calories / 100 gr.
Pineapple or pineapple 50
Blueberries 48
Cherries 63
Cidra 40
Plum 47
Damascus 48
Peach 43
Raspberries 50
Strawberries or strawberries 30
Lima 30
Limón 29
Kiwi 61
Mandarina 44
Mango 65
Apple 59
Melon 36
Orange 49
Papaya 38
Pelon 49
Pera 59
Grapefruit or Grapefruit 33
Watermelon 31
Blackberry 51

Given the properties that provide fruits fruit is important to know what to choose, because although all are beneficial, not all provide the same amount of calories.

Remember that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables will allow you to lose weight in a healthy way, and protect your cardiovascular system. It includes low-calorie fruits in your diet and the scale will show its slimming benefits.

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