Tables foods that provide empty calories

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vegetablesFoods with few or no nutrients but many calories

Perhaps you’ve heard of empty calories, but what foods contain them are. In this article you will find tables with different foods that only provide caloric value from saturated calories and simple sugars.

What are empty calories?

Empty calories are those provided only by their content of rapidly absorbed sugars and saturated fats. So if you’re dieting, you want to watch your weight or just want to take care of your health and your entire family know better than foods that provide empty calories.

In addition to junk foods, other foods may also contain empty calories.

So you can find the information of these foods easily divide the tables as food group. It is important to note that the foods we are generally processed or processed foods (kneaded pastry, bread, cookies, etc) or foods derived from certain technological processes, such as sausages, butter or margarine, among others.

Lists of empty-calorie foods, organized by groups

Table of dairy foods that provide empty calories
Dairy Food Amount Amount lot of empty calories
whole milk 1 cup 37 calories
1 cup Cheddar cheese and a tablespoon 113 calories
Prepared with whole milk mozzarella cheese 1 cup and a tablespoon 76 calories
Vanilla ice cream 1 cup 210 calories
¼ cup cheese sauce 64 calories
cream cheese 1 tablespoon 36 calories
45 calories 1 tablespoon cream
33 calories 1 tablespoon butter
32 calories 1 tablespoon margarine

Table of meats that provide empty calories
Quantity meat portion Number of empty calories
3 medium fried chicken wings 382 calories
Pre cooked meat sausages 1 cup 113 calories and a tablespoon
Pre cooked meat sausages 85 gr. 75 calories
Pork sausages 1 cup 210 calories

baked foods, pastries and pizzas kneaded
Breads and pizzas portion Amount Number of empty calories
Croissant or croissant 56 gr. 111 calories
Bizcochos 1 medium unit 71 calories
Cornbread 1 slice 52 calories
Sugary cereal 1 cup 56 calories
Cookies with chocolate chips 2 large cookie 109 calories
Chocolate cake 1 serving 315 calories
Cookies with chocolate chips 2 large cookie 109 calories
Donats or donut glace 1 medium 170 calories
Cinnamon Roll 1 medium 137 calories
Pizza with pepperoni or salami 1 medium portion 139 calories

Table empty calories from plant foods
Vegetable Food Amount Number of empty calories portion
1 medium portion of fries 185 calories
Rings fried onions 1 medium unit 71 calories

Table empty-calorie fruit
Quantity fruit portion Number of empty calories
Unsweetened applesauce 1 cup 68 calories

Table empty calories from alcoholic beverages and soft drinks
Drinks (*) Amount lot empty calories correspond to all calories
1 can regular soft drinks 136 calories
1 can regular beer 155 calories
1 can light beer 104 calories
Spirits 1 measure standard 96 calories
1 glass wines generally 121 calories
(*) Empty calories from alcoholic beverages are related to its alcohol content, since it has no added fat or simple sugars. In the case of soda is added simple sugars.

These tables can help you quickly know the amount of empty calories that provide many of the foods you usually eat. Fats are concentrated calorie source, even small portions can mean a high intake of empty calories.

Not only these tables can help you know the foods you should avoid or consume must also know the caloric density of foods and glycemic index is helpful to lose weight and acquire new eating habits.

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