Tell me body and I’ll tell you what diet do

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43397894-tres-mujeres-de-pie-en-diferentes-escalasDistribution of nutrients according to your needs

If you tell me you body, you say that diet do. This is possible thanks to the way the fat is distributed in the body is not always the same. So if you want to diet, first note that body have and accordingly, keep in mind the distribution of nutrients to your needs.

Obese body types and risks

There are different types of obesity. Given the distribution of adipose tissue in the body, and there genoide android obesity. Even this provision of fatty tissue can be used to predict and prevent potential health complications such as cardiovascular complications.

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When designing the diet you can take into account different body types:

Pear body: In this case the fat is accumulated in the buttocks, hips and legs. People with this body type would have more predisposed to fluid retention.
Apple body: This body type is characterized by the accumulation of fat in the upper abdomen. People with this body, would be more likely to develop cardiovascular disease.
rectangular body: In this case the fat distribution is proportional.
If you know what kind of body you have, do you say that diet, taking into account the distribution of nutrients. First, you need to calculate the calories you should bring diet, therefore you find out quickly, using the calorie calculator.

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Food for each type of obesity

Once you know how many calories should contribute to the diet, you need to pay attention to the distribution of nutrients, according to the body shape.

Pear body type: For you to know your own distribution, brindaré you an example. On the basis of 1500 average calories, you should lie:
50% (750 calories) of carbohydrates. Represented by whole grains, vegetables, fruits and legumes.
20% (300 calories) Protein. Represented by meat with low fat (fish, skinless chicken or turkey and red meat without visible fat)
30% (450 calories) of fat. The’ll get in oils to flavor, low-fat dairy and seeds.
Apple body type: In this case, based on 1500 calories, the distribution would be:
45% (650 calories) of carbohydrates. In this case you should reduce a little consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates.
25% (375 calories) Protein. This diet is a slightly high protein and ketogenic.
30% (475 calories) of fat. Note the same selection of food than in the previous distribution.
Rectangular body: In this case, based on 1500 calories, the distribution would be:
60% (900 calories) of carbohydrates. In this case it is necessary to consume more foods rich in complex sugars, taking into account the selection I mentioned in the body of pear.
15% (225 calories) Protein. This diet is normo protein.
35% (350 calories) of fat. In this case the high-fat diet is, so it is important to select foods with healthy fats.
This is a different way to design a diet to lose weight, taking into account your body and your needs. However, remember that the best diet is the one you advise your doctor and / or nutritionist.

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