Tell me when you eat lunch and I will tell you how much weight you lose

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10899930-jugo-de-tomate-en-los-vasos-y-el-tomate-en-la-mesa-de-madera-sobre-fondo-marr-nNew strategy for weight loss

Tell me when you’ll eat lunch and as you lose weight. If you read this phrase surely you’re wondering what importance can have the schedule. Apparently a lot. According to some research, if you want to diet you have to consider a new strategy to lose weight.

Today, mealtime is not a minor issue, work and different occupations require (in many cases) to change a schedule of meals. This results in increased consumption of fast foods and therefore overweight, among other complications.

It’s not news that obesity is considered an epidemic, the number of people who suffer worldwide. The biggest problem is that this disease is the cause of many other serious diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, dyslipidemia, bone diseases, etc. Therefore, studies are conducted to design strategies that serve to lose weight in a healthy way. One of the latest strategies studied is related to the timing of meals, more precisely lunch.

Apparently if you eat lunch after 3pm, you lose less weight than if you eat lunch before that time. This conclusion came scientists from the University of Murcia, Harvard and Tufts.

This research was conducted for 20 weeks, monitoring 420 people who performed the Mediterranean diet (remember that this diet is considered the healthiest diet). Half of these people ate early and the rest later. The results were conclusive. Those who had lunched late, lost less weight.

This study is very important because it shows that, by making small lifestyle changes can improve the results of weight loss diets, especially those that are balanced and healthy diets.

Plan a diet leads to consider several aspects, first choose the diet that you need, selecting the right foods, setting schedules that must respect; as well as the practice of physical activity is essential to increase metabolism, increase aerobic capacity and strengthen muscles.

For all these reasons, diets should be personal and checked by a doctor or nutritionist.

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