The apple diet to lose weight quickly

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How to lose weight with the properties of the apple?

The apple is a fruit that has a very low calorie only 45 calories. It also has many properties, including decrease appetite, making it ideal for weight loss. So much so that it has implemented the apple diet to lose weight quickly.

It helps to detoxify the body, as it has a tonic and diuretic effect.
Also it achieves lower bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood and thus, helps prevent coronary enfemedades.
Through its use you can control blood pressure due to its potassium content.
Finally, you can not forget their slimming properties, both for its low calorie and great power of satiety, and its purifying effect.
I present the apple diet to lose weight fast:

10965738-lotes-de-manzana-madura-roja-con-dropEffects of diet

First you’ll notice the results of this diet in the gut, due to its detoxifying effect.
Many times when starting this diet undesirable effects arise as skin rashes. This is because of its purifying effect.
Tips to keep in mind:

After the first day, consume 1 serving girl low-fat meat. It is advised to eat fish, chicken. You can use any method preparacón except frying.
You can eat all the apples you want (the diet is based on them)
Taking a daily minimum of two liters of water and avoid drinks with gas. This serves to make the cleansing of the body more effective.
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Sample menus for diet apple

First day

Breakfast: Apples, as you want
Lunch: Apples, as you want
Snack: Apples, as you want
Dinner: apples, as you want
Second day

Breakfast: Apples, as you want.
Lunch: A green salad with no dressing, just lemon or vinegar with cottage cheese, a little salt and 2 liters of water during the day.
Snack: One apple
Dinner: apples, as you want.
Third day

Breakfast: A whole wheat toast with a tablespoon of dietary spreadable cheese, and an apple.
Lunch: A mixed salad with lettuce, carrots and tomatoes.
Snack: One apple
Dinner: apples, as you want.
Fourth day

Breakfast: A integtostada muffin bread with 1 tbsp of dietary jam.
Lunch: Panache of vegetables, no potatoes, with natural tuna.
Snack: One apple
Dinner: brown rice with 1 egg, season with 1 tbsp olive oil.
Fifth day

Breakfast: A whole wheat toast with a tablespoon of dietary spreadable cheese, and an apple.
Lunch: A salad of raw vegetables, meat and defatted beef, roast.
Snack: One apple
Dinner: apples, as you want
Remember, this diet is very restrictive, so you should not do it for more than 5 days. Then you will go incorporating other foods, such as milk, cheese and other fruits firm dough.

Ideally, perform a maintenance diet after this strict diet. To do advise you increase the amount of intake to six, and lots of what you eat are small.

Satiating properties of the block

If you’re doing the diet of apple or do you plan to deeply appreciate the satiating properties of this fruit.

When you diet, one of the points that so worries nutritionists or dietitians and recommend what foods you is when someone, say you, you hambreo anxiety.

One of the selected fruit is apple. This choice is not made capriciously or because this is a fruit of the most common, but the benefits of apples in weight loss diets. The substance responsible for these benefits is pectin.

Pectin is in the block, but primarily in the seed. Once the block reaches the stomach and makes contact with gastric juice, due to this substance increases its volume. Thus it triggers a series of mechanisms of nervous nature that carry information to the brain, informing that is “full”.

That is, you can eat just 53 calories per 100 grams of apple and feel satisfied. This is a respectable result, indeed. This food is very helpful, and it is essential to have it in an emergency kit at the possibility ensues hunger or anxiety.

Remember that if you make a diet to base of natural products such as apple and / or other fruits will be losing weight healthily and naturally.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle: includes fruits, vegetables to your diet; Make physical activity; and consult your doctor. This will help you feel better.

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