The cleansing diet 21 days Dr. Junger

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7069939-close-up-de-escala-y-la-cinta-sobre-fondo-blancoThe Clean Diet is doing currently furor

Do you already know the detox cleansing diet 21 days proposed by Dr. Junger? This plan also known as “Clean Diet” can be a great way to cleanse the body and lose a few kilos more. But also to find another way to feed. Do not miss this note!

Alejandro Junger is a Uruguayan doctor who just finished his career in his native country he went to try his luck in the United States. Nation, where food is very different from other countries, and packed with a lot of junk food, among other food evils.

These changes directly affect his health began to suffer from allergies and depression; But every cloud has a silver lining and these problems were the trigger for Clean think your method (cleaning in English), practiced by the rich and famous, such as Madonna, besides allowing publish books that sell millions of copies.

Shortly feel like he spoke to his colleagues to find a solution, everyone did what he did, prescribe quasi miracle drugs yet to be in place patient realized that this method was not convinced at all . So he decided to look for another option, one without medication.

This need came to the Uruguayan doctor to a term that was never taken into account: detoxification or detoxification of the body. His first approach to a style of life detox was in a California spa, where he was admitted for a week, she drank vegetable juices, did yoga and received massages and colonic irrigation.

The results were surprising, his symptoms were gone, lost weight 10 kilos and looked younger. Everyone wanted to know what I did and when I had told him he had to create your own detox diet, adding all his medical knowledge. Dr. Junger studied hard, combined different detox programs and the proposed their patients, and this was when he noticed the drastic diets that include only juices were not compatible with labor and big cities lives, so I had to to vary up to what he called Clean program.

Basically this detox diet aims to reduce the intake of solids to facilitate the digestive process and improve the detox function, which just started eight hours after you ate. So if you eat something all the time and toxins accumulate the body is much more difficult to eliminate.

These are some of the pillars of the Clean program

Keep an interval of 12 hours between dinner and breakfast.
Reduces acidic foods.
Increasing the elimination of toxins.
Consume all organic foods.
Nothing packaged, colors or preservatives, 100% natural.
Some meats are allowed, however, it is a diet that can easily be vegetarian or vegan.
Meditate daily to control anxiety.
Make an elimination diet the week prior to start.
In short, the diet consists of two liquid meals (the breakfast and dinner) and a solid (at lunch) a day. Inside you can find liquid, juices, soups and smoothies, and of course lots of water, really helps eliminate toxins through urine.

This method should be performed from time to time, whenever you feel necessary, and lasts 21 days. It is so good, according to its creator, who still finding benefits, some are: weight loss, better sleep at night, disappearance of allergies, better digestion, among others. But there is another essential benefit: the change of lifestyle.

Many wonder how to continue after 21 days passed, and the reality is that once you change your habits and see that you feel good, you may not get back to this. However, it is not a diet that can be worn as it every day, you may have to make some modifications.

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