The Dukan Diet: Miracle or scam?

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16260093-Dukan DietDukan Diet: Panacea or invention

Few diets in the world generate the controversy that is capable of causing the Dukan Diet. Loved and hated, its creator, Pierre Dukan, is always under suspicion. But, nevertheless, it continues to thrive in the world. The question is: Miracle Diet or invention of marketing?

If you stop to think about what has been or is being at present the successful diet, the lofty, which everyone wants to do for their effectiveness, undoubtedly the Dukan diet should be at the peak of his popularity. It is that, besides being very marketinera and have the endorsement of many famous to which has given good results, seems to be a method which then had its positive effect on many of the people who embraced as such.

The problem comes when one finds that Pierre Dukan is the less suspicious character. First, it has already been warned many times by the French medical tuition about their practices. There, his diet was considered unhealthy to the point of being able to cause kidney, liver and cardiovascular damage, having phases where you can only consume protein. Then he was accused of slandering his colleague and competitor Dr. Cohen and recently was convicted of the Medical Order gala for providing a patient a prohibited drug. What a novel rap sheet says.

But talking about your diet on time, there are incontrovertible points for the success. Go one to know if at inflated to advertising level that is diet or what, but it is the number one choice in much of the world. And every day are more and more blogs dedicated to the subject, people putting pictures of your recipes and many people giving encouragement to each other to achieve their goals. That is to say, is a small “social phenomenon”, always talking about diets level, of course.

So what is Pierre Dukan? An angel or a demon? An unscrupulous professional who just wants to fill their pockets or a doctor who devised a miracle for weight loss? Probably none of the two ends. But it remains to be known.

Now you play your part: You can tell us in the comments how about you has been doing the Dukan diet. Help us to know ourselves and the rest of those who read daily this site if really worth, if brought you health problems or, on the contrary, was a resounding success. Do you think it is a scam and one of many diets supported in marketing? Or is it really a valid solution for those who want to lose weight ?. Come on, no one better than you, you’ve done or are doing, so you esclarezcas these issues.

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