The tapeworm diet: myth or reality?

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18164334-3d-tapeworm dietRisks losing weight regardless

Lose weight may be necessary for a health issue, but what happens when looking to lose weight at any cost. The result can be very dangerous, and a clear example of this is the diet of the tapeworm. Have you heard of her? Well, in this article you will find how much is myth and how much of reality.

Sometimes it is such a slimming obsession that risks to lose weight at any cost is not measured. Such is the case of “consumption” tapeworm to lose those extra kilos. For years now it is circulating on the Internet the alleged tapeworm diet that promises weight loss without too much sacrifice. While this seemed a difficult myth to believe, truth is stranger than fiction.

In recent weeks, a person residing in the United States of America bought the web a worm, supposedly the tapeworm, and swallowed the sole purpose of losing weight. This practice is extremely dangerous that can jeopardize not only health but also life.

What is the diet of the tapeworm?

It is simple, this diet is to ingest the parasite and let it work.

The tapeworm, scientifically known as saginata, is nothing more than a parasite that lives in the intestines of animals and humans due to ingestion of contaminated food.

Those who suffer from parasitic infections because of the tapeworm, suffering from abdominal pain, diarrhea and weight loss, among other side effects. This latest sign of a possible infestation, is what many people want to achieve, lose weight eating everything but without considering the consequences that brings this practice.

serious complications that can cause tapeworms

Intestinal obstruction
Seizures migration of earthworms to the brain.
neurological problems.
eye problems resulting from migration of the parasite into the eyes.
First it is necessary to clarify that the tapeworm (infestation because of the tapeworm) is a disease, not a treatment for weight loss.

Extreme diets are extremely dangerous and play with the health of those who perform it, and if it tries to swallow a parasite in order to lose weight. It is important to stress health rather than on physical appearance. Lose weight may need to be healthy, but not at any price.

Moreover, I believe that this case deserves consideration regarding weight loss products that are marketed via the web, and how they try to make money at the expense of the health of those who are desperate to lose weight.

Healthy weight loss is possible, contact your doctor and / or nutritionist and make diet and exercise consciously and controlled.

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