Tips for adding flavor and subtract calories to foods

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10671273-tasty-recipes Prepare tasty recipes but light

When dieting imagination plays an important role, because the goal is not Forsake by eating bland and boring preparations. For this to happen you can not draw on some tricks that will help add flavor and subtract calories to food. Let’s go for it, prepare tasty recipes but light!

A diet is much more than a paper in which meals are distributed throughout the day. A diet bring to the table is tasty, tempting but light meals.

One of the big problems that people face overweight is that fast food or junk, as it is very tasty. The compounds responsible for flavor to foods are sugar, fat and sodium.

It is therefore very important to find resources to add and subtract calories flavor to foods.

Tips for adding flavor and subtract calories to foods

Use herbs and spices. These are great for flavoring foods, are both cooked and raw foods. Even using these condiments can subtract sodium foods that can help you to treat high blood pressure and fluid retention. Also, keep in mind that there are spices also have slimming properties, such as pepper, cinnamon, oregano, parsley, cilantro, garlic, onions, etc.

Dressings light. These dressings can be very useful to provide flavor to foods. To use them, go better than replace traditional dressings such as mayonnaise or various sauces, for others with less calories and fat. These dressings can prepare yourself, for example yogurt dressing light.

Use cooking spray. Using this type of oil you can cook food with a little olive oil without being totally fried. Nevertheless, you get a special flavor, which flavor oil is impregnated.

Do not miss the opportunity to subtract calories by replacing some other sauces and dressings that have less calories and fat. If you have your own light dressings, share them with us.

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