Tips to Remove Calories for Breakfast

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Breakfast is the main meal of the day, but it is not necessary to neglect the amount of calories it brings to your daily diet. To have a nutritious breakfast, but with light foods that allow you to start the day with all the energy, you can consider a series of tips that will help you to remove calories for breakfast. Do not miss them!

Breakfast is the food that you should never skip, even if you are on a diet, since from the food you eat you give your body enough nutrients to have energy to start the day, and to fulfill your daily obligations.

Within low-calorie breakfasts, you should incorporate light foods. These should be rich in fiber, protein, and antioxidants that boost your body’s metabolism.

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Tips to Remove Calories for Breakfast

You can replace cereals with sugary corn flakes (115 calories / 30gr) for oat bran (97 calories / 30 grams). Not only does it contribute a little less calories, but the oat bran provides more fiber, which avoids the absorption of sugars and fats. It also cleanses the body.
On the other hand, you can replace the consumption of whole dairy by low-calorie dairy. If you drink coffee or tea with milk, use skim. In contrast, if you usually eat cheese at breakfast, choose those that are low in fat, such as cheese beaten 0% fat.
To remove calories from breakfast, it is important to add fruit. These are low in calories and satiety, especially if you consume them with your skin. Even these fruits can give a sweeter taste, adding a light cream 0% fat.
If you like the sweets, choose the sweets or light jams. However, keep in mind that while they are low in calories, you should not abuse them.
Keep in mind that it is always good to include protein foods for breakfast such as an egg, low fat cheese, skimmed yogurt or a slice of good quality cooked ham. Proteins increase metabolism and satiety.
These tricks can help you design your own tasty but low calorie breakfasts. I hope these easy-to-carry tips help you!

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