TLC diet to lower cholesterol

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19220239-the-food-sana-in-kitchen-steam-to-steam-to-many-vegetable-and-fruitMore than a fad diet, the TLC diet is a program to treat a serious condition such as high cholesterol

His name TLC means “therapeutic lifestyle changes” (in English, “Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes”); his goal is clear: reduce high cholesterol levels.

“Anyone can suffer from high cholesterol. It is a serious condition that increases the risk of heart disease, the main “murderer” of Americans, both men and women. The higher the cholesterol level, the greater the risk, “says Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

The TLC program consists of three steps include: diet, physical activity and weight control.

The food and exercise plan proposes:

Less than 7 percent of daily calories from saturated fat
25-35 percent fat, of total calories
Less than 200 milligrams per day of cholesterol
Limit sodium to 2,400 milligrams daily
Only consumed daily calories needed to maintain a healthy weight and lower cholesterol
Practice at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity, such as brisk walking, preferably every day of the week.
Saturated fats, the “guilty”
The TLC diet proposes a change of lifestyle and aims to not be followed only for a while.

One of his challenges is to teach healthy eating through various tips when food both at home and also when eating in a restaurant is prepared.

Therefore it emphasizes reducing saturated fats, which raise blood cholesterol more than any other ingredient or food. The type diet in the United States includes 4 or 5 times more saturated fat than trans fat.

In fact, it is estimated that 11 percent of the total calories of an American corresponds to saturated fats. Most foods that have a high percentage of saturated fats come from animals and some “greasy” cuts of beef, pork skin and whole milk dairy.

Also, some plant products contain saturated as coconut oil or palm fat. However, the TLC Diet suggests consuming less than 7% of total calories from saturated fat.

This implies that:

• If the daily diet includes 1,200 calories: you should consume up to 8 grams of saturated fat

• If the diet is 1,500 calories 10 grams fat

• If the diet is 1,800 calories 12 grams fat

• If the diet is 2,000 calories. 13 grams of fat

• If the diet is 2,500 calories 17 grams fat

Other food groups to consider
• Trans fat: like saturated fats raise cholesterol. Commonly they found in those foods made with hydrogenated vegetable oil, such as margarines.

The stronger is the margarine, the more trans fat it contains. Examples of foods with trans fats: cookies, crackers, cookies, donuts, bread and fried foods in hydrogenated oil

• Cholesterol: foods that have high percentage of cholesterol rise, naturally, the rate of blood cholesterol. Although less than saturated fats. However, usually they present in the same foods. Examples: egg yolks, shrimp and products derived from whole milk, such as butter, cream and cheese.

• Soluble fiber comes from plants and can help reduce heart disease risk. It also benefits the digestive system and provides greater satiety.

If cholesterol is not reduced enough
The doctor may intensify the TLC diet through increased soluble or adding to the diet products cholesterol-lowering fiber. These products contain margarine and salad dressings containing vegetable stoles. If the level is still high, it is likely that the doctor orders a medication to lower cholesterol, along with the TLC diet.

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