Type diets for weight loss

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When wanting to lose weight, we always raised the need to diet. But what is a diet? How many types of diets exist? Meet classes diet to lose weight and find a made to measure.

What is a diet?

A diet is planning how to distribute certain foods over a day. This diet will aim to suit your current health status, whether it’s just to lose weight, and to treat other diseases. Therefore, you may find diets that overweight associated with diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, gallstones, kidney stones, irritable bowel syndrome, cardiovascular problems, etc.

In the specific case of obesity or overweight, the goal of the diet is to achieve weight loss through planning low calorie distributed throughout the day (between 4-6 meals per day) meals.

Taking into account the objective of diets, another very interesting question to answer opens:

How many classes or types of diets exist?

Well, there are many diets but you could say that there is a diet per person, because no two people are alike and each has its habits, tastes, and specific metabolic diseases.

Nevertheless, if we consider only weight loss diets throughout history they have been created or designed countless diets with the sole purpose of losing weight. From this, one can say that there are different types of diets.

Most popular types of diet

restrictive diets. Within this group you can find a food-based diets, such as apple diet, diet lemon, orange diet, diet cherries, etc. You can also find diets which restrict one or more nutrients, such as protein diets (Atkins diet, Dukan diet, etc.) and ketone diets; or diets with a very low calorie content, such as the 800 calorie diet. Such diets aim to lose fat quickly, regardless of possible complications.

Balanced diets. Balanced diets are diets that include the three macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) in proportion and harmonious. In these diets emphasis is not only on the partial reduction of calories, but in the selection of healthy foods. One of the most important examples of this type of diet is the Mediterranean diet, but you can also mention other diets such as diet of 1500 calories, dietary caloric density or glycemic index diet. The purpose of these diets is to lose weight healthily and avoiding certain adverse effects of diets, such as dizziness, fatigue, fainting and in some cases other health problems more serious.

It is important that you consider that not all diets are beneficial for a particular person, so need to know who should design a specific diet for you.

Who created the diets?

The only qualified and trained to design an overall diet and slimming staff is a nutritionist / dietitian / nutritionist degree in nutrition or doctor.

When dieting is important to think that dieting is not only an aesthetic purpose, the opposite is a process in which the body is stressed in terms of losing fat and weight. It was therefore aware of it and consult a health professional if you want or need to lose weight.

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