What diet is Lady Gaga

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10368659-lady-gaga-dietDiet to lose 4 kilos in one month

Even a celebrity like Lady Gaga feels he has a few extra kilos. So if you want to know how he does and what diet is, you can not miss this regime that allowed Lady Gaga lose 4 kilos in a month.

Nobody can deny that Lady Gaga is a celebrity, and it is a benchmark for millions of people, especially teenagers who are interested in knowing all about his “idol”. Therefore, I will discuss how diet that allows you to Lady Gaga lose 4 kilos in 30 days.

What is the diet that follows Lady Gaga?

This diet is based on eliminating foods containing flour, particularly wheat flour.
Reduction rapidly absorbed carbohydrates.
Increased consumption of vegetables and fruits.
Increase consumption of protein-rich foods, such as chicken and fish.
This diet is high in protein and low in carbohydrates, which promotes fat burning, but bring several negative health consequences.
What are the unwanted Diet Lady Gaga effects?

This diet causes a lot of side effects that usually have the high protein diets. In the case of a person with a lot of physical wear, like Lady Gaga, may cause nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain because of ketosis.

While this process is a sign that you are losing weight, it is not the right way to do it, because it is harmful to health. Furthermore it is a condition that must be considered in addition to people who suffer from overweight, suffering from hyperglycemia or diabetes.

Carbohydrates are essential in the diet. They provide fast and slow energy (depending on carbohydrates in question), and are required for each fuel cell to work properly obtained. It is also important to note that the brain is dependent on glucose. If this is not enough glúcido blood, this fuel does not reach the brain and can cause fainting.

Lady Gaga has made several diets and each had its peculiarities, such as a diet that made a few years ago with chicken and tofu.

Diets based on only some foods can be harmful to health because they are unbalanced and disharmonious diets.

Diets that made celebrities become popular diets, so it is important to be careful and consult your doctor before you do it.

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