What foods combine to lose weight fast

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16600907-vegetal-ecol-gica-acelga-fresca-aislados-en-fondo-blancoDissociate food to be thin

Selecting and combining foods properly is a great help for those who, like you, need to be thin and lose weight fast. Dissociating food is the basis of many diets. But to get the most out of them you need to know what foods to combine.

When it comes to dissociating foods, you need to know what foods are not compatible and which ones can be mixed, and take into account how much you can eat from each nutritional principle to take advantage of all its properties and benefits to lose weight.

Therefore, in this note you will find what foods are best to combine when it comes to losing weight and staying thin.

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What foods combine to lose weight fast?

Cereals: combine with sweet fruits (banana, apple, pear, grape, peach and plum), nuts, dried fruits, vegetables, yogurt, cheese, eggs and honey.
Legumes: combine perfectly with vegetables, cheese and yogurt.
Vegetables: Can be dissociated with nuts, cereals, pasta, eggs and cheese.
Sweet fruits: you can combine them with cereals, pasta, dried fruit, yogurt and honey.
Dried fruits: you can consume them along with cereals, pasta, vegetables, sprouts, yogurt and apple.
Dried fruits: You can combine them with cereals, sweet fruits, yogurt, cheese and honey.
Egg: combines with cereals, vegetables, sprouts.
Yogurt: can be consumed along with cereals, legumes, sweet fruits, dried fruits, sprouts and honey.
Honey: You can add it to sweet fruits, yogurt, cereals and fresh cheese.
If you consider this combination you can not only realize a dissociated diet to lose weight, but you can incorporate this new habit to keep you thin.

Remember that it is important to lose weight in a healthy way, so before you start a diet consult your doctor or nutritionists. Diets must be individual.

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  1. Useful information to cook this recipe! Really from cereals to honey combine with various foods and vegetables. Yes, absolutely helpful for burning calorie. People who are interested for weight loss they can use it. Really I love it.

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