What is the flexitarian diet

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4891305-chicken and vegetablesFlexitarianism: A healthy diet or a fad?

In this world that moves so as vertiginous, there is always room for everything. Even diets that do not get to have much support. While not specifically is a weight loss regimen itself, but is a food philosophy more than anything else, the flexitarianism appears as an option for those who do not like to eat much meat. But what is this diet to lose weight or be healthier? Is it just a need to give a group of belonging to those who eat meat once in a while? Find out in this article.

flexitarianismoBásicamente, this new trend called flexitarianism is defined not so much by what you eat, but by frequency. Strange, is not it? The flexitarian has a mostly vegetarian diet, including cheese, milk, eggs and other animal products. And also the consumption of meat or fish in special situations. That is to say, is this fact eat every so what ends defining as such.

From a nutritional point of view, to carry out a flexitarian diet does not assure you that you are going to lose weight, much less. While it is not his ultimate goal, since it is a kind of introductory regime towards the consummate vegetarianism (either ovo-lacto or veganism), an unbalanced consumption of carbohydrates or abuse of legumes, nuts or products but neither healthy meat, will lead to overweight and not to his opposite effect.

Yes it will be healthy if the base are vegetables, fruits, low-fat whole, cereals and dairy also some meat or fish once in a while. Precisely in the balance can be the difference that this diet is a success or a failure, at least for those who take it as an option for weight loss, it is not their main purpose and this should be clear. Obviously, eat fewer animal products, including its derivatives is healthy in itself and increasingly has more welcome by nutritional professionals.

Reference sites within vegetarianism, as well as their referents, do not give the hint of this diet as a vegetarian option. Moreover, it is likely that if you tell a vegetarian you are flexitarian, explode in front of you laughing. So what is the flexitarianism but a snobby fashion and there’s that damn need today of naming everything? At the end of the day, people who eat virtually no meat or do you just outside your home, there are practically forever.

¿Vegetarianism without obligation or people who want to step into not eating meat and not yet definitely encourage? Go one to know. So far, there seems to be an option with too much support for those who want to lose weight. At least if it does not lead in a balanced way.

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