What is the lively diet?

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Back to nature to achieve the desired weight

It is interesting to know all the diets that are on the market, so what better to know what is the lively diet, a method that promises to help you achieve your ideal weight.

While diets that are most fashionable are those that are characterized by rapid and restrictive, there are others that are based on a more natural and balanced diet. In the latter group you can locate the lively diet.

What does it consist of?

The lively diet is based on the quality of food, from which improves the quality of life and health of those who are overweight and / or obesity.

For the creators of the lively diet, “Eat better to live better.” But what is eating better? Well, eat better is to eat what your body needs, enjoying food and ready meals with them.

Another important aspect of this diet is debugging, since it is believed that the toxins in the body can cause various cardiovascular diseases and degenerative diseases. But this detoxification process is different from the traditional cleansing diets, because it is slow and effective.

33614619-composici-n-con-los-veh-culos-org-nicos-crudos-surtidosThe goal of detoxification is to regenerate the organ function, to lose weight effectively and without losing the vital energy.

Features vitalista diet

Encourages changing habits. Change the wrong eating habits, as well as customs and routines that undermine healthy eating and weight loss.

Distribution of meals. It is distributed in 5 meals a day.
But balanced cleansing diet. It is based on lifestyle changes that allow you to eliminate toxins, without losing energy. They should drink two liters of water per day to help eliminate waste.

It has a food routine based on healthy food and preparations. For lively diet, “fast” or “do not eat” is not a healthy choice. Quite the contrary, the diet is based on eating healthy foods, taking into account your likes and needs.

It stimulates the elimination of foods that cause addiction. There are foods that are addictive, as foods high in simple sugars and saturated and trans fats.

This diet has two main characteristics based on cleansing the body and lifestyle changes to lose weight through a healthy diet. To this end, the incorporation of food suggests detoxifying properties, such as vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, watercress, parsley, celery, garlic, onion), meat (blue fish), vegetables and whole grains, olive oil and citrus.

It suggests eating fresh food cooked. We suggest that 50% of food consumed are raw. By incorporating raw foods into your diet, you are adding vitamins, minerals and organic substances that would be lost by cooking.

As its name suggests, this diet looking to lose weight and at the same time increase your vitality.

What are the pros of vital diet?

It is a natural diet that does not accept the intake of preparations or food supplements for weight loss.
Looking for lifestyle changes so that the result is effective and lasting.
What are the cons of vital diet?

You need to buy the book for the meal plan and specific diet.
Before starting a diet it is necessary to know in depth and adapt it to your needs, so it is always wise to consult with your doctor.

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