What is the Weight Watchers diet

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A diet with a scoring system that has become very famous

The Weight Watchers diet or weight controller is a diet created by experts of the company Weight Watchers International. This is one of the most widespread and popular diets in the United States. In this article I will provide you information about what it is and what are the characteristics of the Weight Watchers diet to lose weight.

What is the Weight Watchers diet?

The Weight Watchers diet, but a diet is a simple program, in which no food is not prohibited. To understand a little more of what it is you need to know what the Weight Watchers diet.

34893796-granada-hills-ca--ee-uu--26-de-diciembre-2014-weight-watchers-international-exterior-y-se-al-weight-Is a point system where foods that are more satiating and healthy have fewer points, the opposite happening with those who will only provide empty calories. But it is not a restrictive diet, although compatible with others of a similar nature. While fruits and vegetables are one of the main bases of the Weight Watchers diet, you can basically eat anything.

General characteristics of the diet weight controller

It is a comprehensive program consists of a diet, some exercise and therapy to modify eating habits.
The goal of treatment is to lose weight slowly, but surely. About 500 grams per week or 10% of current weight.
It seeks to reduce from 500 to 600 calories a day.
It is based on a point system that you can consume daily, taking into account the actual weight, sex, height, age and physical activity (understood as not only the exercise itself, but also everyday tasks).
The need for dietary changes individually set.
The diet is rich in fruits, vegetables and low in fat, especially saturated.
It is recommended to consume 3 servings of fruits and 2 servings of vegetables daily.
We suggest physical activity daily.

Medical supervision is recommended.

Some tips for the Weight Watchers diet

Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. They practically do not add points and can be eaten with much less restriction. For this reason, you will be satisfied and eat healthy foods.
Beware allowed. While you can take carbohydrates, some sweets and even alcohol, keep in mind that these take a long score and if you surpass not then have points available for food.
This really can eat. You can prepare some chicken skewers. Or use a good baking low-carbohydrate vegetables with some fresh avocado. Cabbage soup and vegetables for 0 points and is delicious. And king prawns with garlic. The variety of recipes is impressive. Just consider the points, you can even follow online.
As you can see, the Weight Watchers diet or weight controller is to implement guidelines characteristics of a good balanced diet, which seeks to lose weight in a natural, slowly but steadily.

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