What it is the secret to not stagnate in your weight

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12008831-weigt-lossBoost your metabolism to lose weight

When you do a diet to lose weight, one of the most common mishaps weight it is stagnation. When that happens, the important thing is to continue stimulating metabolism to lose weight. If this is happening to you, this note will find what the secret is not to get bogged down in your weight.

At the start of a diet, weight loss is rapid, since the power shift occurs not only an increase in fat burning, but also an increase in fluid loss.

In these instances diet, you’re probably satisfied because the results are as expected, but at a time (which is variable and depends on each person) kilos loss decreases and you can stagnate.

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When this occurs it is necessary to stimulate metabolism to start losing weight again. While there are different tricks that can help you, what is the secret to prevent this from happening?

Before knowing the secret, it is important to know how your body works before the diet to lose weight and while you’re doing.

When you start a diet, your body gets used to the new food and to incorporate nutrients your body. This causes a change in metabolism, which increases fat burning that will be reflected in the balance with weight loss.

However successful this first stage, the body slowly begins to get used to this new power again, feeling the lack of nutrients that obtained before the diet. This is reflected, producing a plateau. During this plateau, you have the feeling that whatever you do does not work to boost metabolism. This moment is very dangerous, because it is when the highest percentage of dropouts occurs diets.

To prevent this happening, there is a secret. You must incorporate some foods much you used before the diet, now will incorporate your new diet, but in small amounts. So that your metabolism is reactivated again. This is one of the features of diets are developed in stages or phases, such as Dukan diet.

On the other hand, what you should do is to increase physical activity in 10 to 15 minutes. These two measures will allow you to reactivate the body and start losing weight again.

The best way to do this is with the guidance of a doctor or nutritionist, however you can do it yourself. Just keep in mind that foods or incorporate into your diet should be in small quantities and with a certain frequency of consumption, for example 1 or 2 times a week.

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