What side effects may cause the OMG diet

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dietsMake no mistake. It happened to me to read verbatim the first time “OMG diet” I thought someone had raised some dietary nonsense based on Genetically Modified Organisms.

I only half wrong: yes Someone had raised a dietary nonsense, but this had nothing to do with GM (which is the popular way to call GMOs)

Today I present, almost all the umpteenth dietary clearly nonsense. And it is “almost all” because it also as always, will have his followers and apparently not few. Incredible but true. The fact is that in the UK this diet is considered by much of the media as a miracle diet number one today, it is even that has managed to unseat the number 1 to the Dukan between book sales of popular diets. As they hear.

Incredible but true is, to begin with, the name that stands respond. The OMG diet comes from the English translation “OMG diet” and GMOs in this case is: “Oh My God”. That is about “diet Oh my God!”. Why the expression chosen him know. Sounds like something pijillo, a surprise if they want to and will not be by chance, I say, that goal through this equation to God himself … something to consider if you want to throw a miracle diet (as they say God is a type very influential in this miracles).

More amazing but equally certain are some of its principles with which to achieve and make good their most notorious advertising claims: “slimmed more than your friends s”. Among other things, the OMG diet promises weight loss 9 kilos in 6 weeks based on:

No breakfast.
Exercising on an empty stomach and at the end, have a coffee only, of course without sugar.
Shower or bathe with cold water, about 15 ° C, (ie, cold c #####) for a period of about 15 minutes. In this regard I have to say that the increasingly frequent popularizing such measures should start worrying. For example, Dukan also proposes such solutions to lose weight, but he, unlike this case suggests not get wet hair back or as it could be “unpleasant” (sic).
Eating at most one piece of fruit a day, but is best avoided altogether. I say that will for that of the “evil and insidious” containing carbohydrates. And do not miss …
Affirming that carbohydrates contained in a serving of broccoli can be as “harmful” as those contained in a cola. So neither broccoli or colas in what can not be considered more than a real blunder by the fact nutritionally equate a group of foods, vegetables other, sugary sodas.

There are some of my colleagues who believe that talking about this kind of miracle diets, even for denostarlas and warn of the risk, does not serve if not to increase the fame of their own diets mentioned. I am certain extent also of that opinion, but in the end I have not resisted making this entry. I think the duty to inform a rational hearing must outweigh the potential risk that these lines fall into the hands of foolish people and eventually find in the “OMG diet” a miracle rather than continue even if it means risking your health.

On this diet there are more newsworthy items such as considering that the author signs his nutritional attack pseudonym “A. Fulton Venice”, being his true identity Paul Khanna, a personal trainer who has taken his first steps as a supporting actor in films Harry Potter (specifically impersonating a Death Eater). But I do not want to deviate from the content of this blog.

Very short it is a dangerous proposition for health; that being specifically directed to a pre teenager public and makes it doubly dangerous; and it brings together many, if not all of the features considered miracle diets or popular, among them stand out:

Make promises about reaching a weight goal in record time following some unwholesome advice.
Contradict the most basic recommendations on healthy eating supported by scientific consensus.
Make lists of good and bad foods.
Disparatadas propose interventions outside all evidence (and they can also be dangerous)
I really do not know what to think and I hope that if this proposal ends up in Spain Health Authorities, acting on its own initiative, the stop time. I hope.

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