When to take water to lose weight

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11237520-cold-watherWhat you need to know to lose weight by drinking water

If you plan to lose weight by drinking water, you need to know when to drink water to lose weight. Drinking water is essential for health and also for weight control. However, the moment you drink water, it affects the depurative effects, diuretic and satiating, that help you to lose weight.

Slimming drinking water is possible, if you consider not only how to do it, but also, when to drink water to lose weight. Take note of these 3 moments in which water should not be lacking if your goal is to lose weight:

Drinking water fasting: Drinking water fasting has a powerful depurative and diuretic effect. It not only stimulates diuresis, helping to eliminate toxins accumulated during sleep, but also accelerates your intestinal transit, favoring the evacuation.

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Drinking water before meals: Several studies have shown that taking a couple of glasses of water before the main meals, reduces the amount of calories you ingest in it, thanks to the satiating effects of water.
Drink water when you feel compulsion to eat: If you are a compulsive eater, the best thing you can do before you throw yourself on the refrigerator is to take a glass of ice water with a small sip. While you drink the water very slowly, reflect on your true need to eat, you will see that the obsession with food will slowly dissolve.

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