Why fattening sugar and how it affects weight loss diets?

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Consumption of sugar in a diet to lose weight

Sugar is one of the most popular foods available to sweeten foods and beverages. While this seems harmless as it is only used to flavor behind the sugar is much more to learn. In fact, it is one of the first foods are eliminated from the diet to lose weight. So if you want to lose weight, it is interesting to know how weight influences and why their consumption is prohibited if you’re dieting.

Sugar is the everyday way of naming sucrose. This is obtained from sugar cane and beet. This type of sugar, while maintaining the ability to sweeten foods and beverages, has lost micronutrients that could be beneficial to the body. White sugar is the most refined sugar, unlike the brown sugar or blonde.

7644478-colecci-n-de-vsugar--diversos-tipos-de-cubos-de-az-car-en-un-cuadro-kelvin-superficialAlthough white sugar is the most popular sweetener, this influences not only on weight, promoting overweight, but also impacts on diseases such as diabetes and hypertriglyceridemia. The use of sugar is not a minor issue, which is why it is forbidden in weight loss diets.

The sugar provides calories but does not seem to appear unnoticed in a meal or a drink, but which added to the calories in different foods can generate overweight. Furthermore, sugar is in a lot of industrial products such as kneaded pastries, bread, cookies, desserts in general, soft drinks, etc. This affects more in your diet because it is hidden calories, you do not have in mind, but they are.

Also, excess sugar you consume daily, whether it’s as sugar itself or part of various preparations, it accumulates in the blood, and can become fat, which further enhanced the overweight, and the likelihood of having dyslipidemia and / or diabetes.

Sugar consumption is prohibited in a diet to lose weight, because it is the gateway to endanger the diet, and for the emergence of diseases such as metabolic syndrome, which includes many metabolic diseases.

Sugar is not an ideal diet food. Therefore, replace it with a sweetener such as stevia, sucralose and other artificial sweeteners.

Sugar, do you really fattening?

Sugar is one of the foods with bad reputation when it comes to losing weight, but really fattening? The answer depends on the control that you may have about this food.

To be better understood, if only you add a teaspoon of sugar (5 g.) To your tea, caloric intake is only 20 calories (4 calories per gram of sugar). This can help those who do not like sweeteners or can not drink unsweetened teas.


Even if you replace white sugar (refined sugar only provides carbohydrates) for brown sugar or brown sugar (brown sugar), not only will you bring the same amount of calories, it will incorporate your body other nutrients, such as vitamins B complex, vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus and potassium, even it brings some soluble fiber.

It is important to have in mind that you can eat sugar in moderation, you must eliminate from the diet processed foods containing sugar in their chemical composition. These foods generally provide empty calories fatten you will fail your diet or weight loss.

Moreover, if you feel you can not control the consumption of sugar to sweeten infusions, it is preferable that you eliminate from the diet, since otherwise sumarás many calories to your daily menu.

In conclusion: sugar, yes or no in the diet to lose weight? The answer depends on the amount of sugar you consume during the day, and if your caloric intake has been calculated or not within the total caloric value of the diet.

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