Will it help you lose weight fast?

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12008831-weigt-lossLose weight quickly can be counterproductive

Many people are obsessed with losing weight quickly. But is it really advisable to resort to tactics that are often counterproductive to do? Cynthia Rodriguez Caballero you explained in depth in this article.

Why do you lose weight fast with some diets?
Losing muscle and taking diuretics is dangerous
Tips to avoid falling into errors when wanting to lose weight fast
When speaking of slimming, this refers to a decrease in body volume is given by a decrease in body fat reserve.

Fat is the only cause of overweight, so it is all we have to get rid of. You can not lose sight that the destruction of reserve fat involves a long and complex process, until finally the fat is excreted or removed from your body as metabolites.

This process is slow in itself, and if you want a quick weight loss, you can only get it by getting rid of other items that are not fat and therefore, even if your weight down on the scale, do not pose a real thinning.

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Why do you lose weight fast with some diets?

Destruction of muscle: When your body does not get the food it needs, it “eats” itself and start using your own muscle proteins. Muscle weighs a lot and destroyed, lower weight on the scale will be appreciable, however the destruction of muscle does not pose a real thinning and externally not notice, not tapering silhouette.
Water loss: In some diets are abused diuretic foods or even force Draining type products or pills. These reductions in weight are a mere mirage; while taking the diuretic will weigh a few grams less and nothing more leave, liquids return to their normal levels. Not normally physically note, although the descent itself is remarkable on the scale. It can be seen less swelling in ankles and knees, but then fluid levels will normalize.
Seeing this, one can conclude that fast weight loss is not only dangerous but it is not possible; because, you see, you are not eliminating what causes overweight, but you’re out other tissues that have nothing to do with our silhouette.

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Losing muscle and taking diuretics is dangerous

Losing muscle is a slowing of metabolism (which means your tendency to gain weight will have increased), a reduction of hormones that makes the muscle and thus greater sense of fatigue, apathy, and physical and mental fatigue.

True protein diets (absence of carbohydrates to nourish vital organs), diets too few, periods of fasting or purging, liquid diets … In short, occurs when the body does not get all the nutrients you need.

Taking diuretics is something you should not do if you really do not need. If you want to remove the liquid that you hold, simply follow a balanced diet rich in foods with potassium (fruits and vegetables), drink enough water and do some exercise. If you resort to a diuretic you run the risk of lowering potassium, dehydration or gastric upset because mixtures of plants that make these preparations are usually quite strong. It is important to repeat that just outside the diuretic liquids will rise again, so it’s not worth making use of it.

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Tips to avoid falling into errors when wanting to lose weight fast

Always choose a healthy and complete diet, which has no rebound effect that allows you only lose that extra fat. The best example of a balanced diet.
When you start your diet do not think about losing weight, but eating better and make yourself with healthy habits, without realizing watch your figure is molded each week.
Remember that fat is excreted slowly, it is a fact.
Fat weighs very little (although occupy much volume) so you should evaluate your progress paying more attention to the volume down (which never deceives) and not only to lower weight on the scale.
Flee from all the “rare” techniques to slim fasts type “days Pineapple” days liquids or fruits, miracle diets, protein diets … They will always bring a negative consequence sometimes health and always in your metabolism and thus, your tendency to gain weight.

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