10 minutes of cardio exercises to lose 10 kilos fast

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47564130-fitness-y-estilo-de-vida-concepto--mujer-haciendo-deportes-al-aire-libreShort and intense routine that fights overweight

If you are looking to lose 10 kilos fast, you can not miss this short and intense cardio workout routine. With just 10 minutes a day you can combat being overweight.

Cardio exercise is a physical activity that allows you to mobilize fats accumulated in the body, preferably at the waist and abdomen. It is also ideal for toning, so to get your benefits you do not need to be all day doing physical activity, with only a 10 minute routine you can do it, and lose 10 kilos faster.

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Short and intense routine that fights overweight

First you must perform a few minutes of preheating to prepare the muscles for exercise. To do this, stand with both legs together at one point. From there you take a step to the side, you return to the center and take another step for the other side. While doing this exercise with your legs, you begin by exercising your arms, moving them sideways and raising your shoulders.

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Raise up the pace taking the steps towards the sides and turning, always accompanied with the movement of the arms. Now, you will start to raise your arms and take them back and center again. After that you will turn your shoulders and arms back and forth, one at a time and then the two together. Finally, raise your arms (they must be parallel to the floor) and take them back. Do not forget to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.
Now you change the routine of the legs, you will give two steps to the right, instead of one and you will repeat the same to the left. You will add your arms to this exercise. Bend your elbows slightly and swing them to the sides, following the rhythm of the legs. Continue with the same leg exercise but raise your arms, always swinging them to the sides and back and forth.
To this basic exercise, you will add one step backwards and another forward (always passing through a central point, where the feet meet).
After this exercise, you will begin to go forward and back slightly bending your knees and elbows (the movement of arms and legs is coordinated). To increase the intensity of the exercise, raise your knees to one along with the arms forwards and backwards (movement of arms characteristic of the boxing). Now change the exercise, flexing the legs to the sides, next to the arms. Combine with another exercise, bringing your heels to the tail. Do four and four combined exercises. If you want to increase the intensity, you can add jumps.
In the next exercise he walks back and forth, accompanies with his arms. Change the orientation towards the sides. After that, separate the flexor legs from side to side, with the shoulders facing forward and to the side.
Finally, stretch the muscles by bringing one of the legs back to the arm on the same side. Do the same with the other leg and the other arm. Now stretch the muscles behind the leg by stretching the leg forward.
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How can you supplement a cardio routine to lose weight?

In addition to this cardio routine you can do for 10 minutes, there are other routines that are also easy to perform.

If you do this routine daily, along with a balanced diet, you can lose 10 kilos faster. In case you get stuck at some point and you can not go lower, you can do 5 minutes more exercises. This will increase your metabolism and you will begin to lose weight again.

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