5 Common Mistakes in practice exercise

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8295214-Cardio exercisesTips to consider when slimming exercises

Physical exercise, without any doubt, is one of the practices that you can benefit when losing weight. That is why you should know what you should not do. Josep Masdeu exposes you in this article 5 of the most common when performing sport errors.

The benefits of physical exercise on health are undeniable. But sport can be more harmful than useful for health if you make some mistakes. These four, perhaps, are the most common in this section.

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Reduce hours of sleep for sports: So you will not improve your health. Lack of sleep will result in an accelerated cell aging, increasing the risk of depression or cardiovascular disease, regardless of the increased risk of having some kind of accident. If you do not rest, the brain has trouble working and compensates with doses of sugar, energy. So you want to eat sweets, increasing the risk of diabetes and make us fat.
Group exercise in one part of the body: Believing that make 100 push-ups a day is the best way to get a slender figure, is wrong. The exercises focus on one part of the body are wasted. The body has more than 600 different muscles and you have to give attention to all. Avoid repetitive motion for a long time, make various movements of great intensity, interspersed with periods of rest. Activate the muscle fibers quickly it makes produce growth hormone, which slows aging.
Overdo the exercise: After a great effort, the body needs to recover. It is essential in training the body to recover and prepare for the next time. The more intense the workout, the distance it can be. Because if not, it will not be so useful. The only exception is the competition. Taking a walk every day, is an excellent habit, young people must walk at least 90 minutes a day. An elderly person should walk an average of 20 to 30 minutes a day. Push yourself too is a mistake, many people forget that the level should go up as your fitness is ideally mejorando.Lo increase heart rate to the time when exercise intensity causes an energy demand that forces the body energy to look for fermentation and not only thanks to oxygen combustion. To do this you must give everything for about 20-30 seconds, then rest 30 seconds another 20 or so up to eight times in a row.
Routine: Do not limit yourself to one year. It would be best to vary the workouts, as you must vary the muscles you work. Stretching is a sport in itself, as important as the effort itself; It improves circulation and elasticity of tendons, while maintaining flexible muscles.
continuously changing training program: Having established a program of comprehensive and diversified training, you must follow it. A good exercise program is an excellent treatment to prevent disease and recover faster. It will help you lose weight, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, depression, increases energy level. It will help you think more clearly and to retard aging.
While this article by Josep Masdeu is rather focused on physical practice in general, this is not without exercises to lose weight. Doing crunches and nothing more will not make you lose weight, if you do not accompany it with a more complete program and aerobic exercise. And it is just one example. Of course, these points can reach interesting resultarte and you should take them into account.

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