5 sports fighting the extra kilos

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10957312-grupo-de-personas-en-el-gimnasio-de-una-clase-de-aer-bicSports calming anxiety and burn calories

Physical activity is one of the most important pillars in treatment for weight loss, but do not need high-impact exercises. On the contrary, sports can calm anxiety, burn calories and fight the extra kilos. If you want to look and feel better choose some of these five sports.

Exercise taken daily, can tip the balance in favor of weight loss. However, combat sport other factors causing overweight and that can spoil a diet. Among these factors I can mention anxiety.

It is that sport can act in two different ways, burns calories and calm anxiety. If you want to achieve these goals, consider at least these five sports.

5 sports fighting the extra kilos

Pilates: This exercise not only molded and firm your body, but also teaches you to breathe. Good breathing will not only help you better perform your exercises, but it will reduce your anxiety. This sport also improves your self-esteem and reduces anxiety.
Tai Chi: This sport of Oriental origin and low-impact, aims to harmonize the body. In this activity, breathing to achieve that goal is also very important.
Yoga: The practice of yoga is ideal to achieve balance between body, mind and spirit, which can be very useful for those who need to reduce anxiety or treat depression. You do not have to forget that also has properties to burn calories.
Swimming: Swimming is one of the best disciplines for weight loss because it greatly reduces anxiety and mobilizes fat for energy. While swimming your whole body moving and burn calories.
Stretching: Stretching exercises achieve better flexibility and helps you reduce your belly as it strengthens the muscles of the back and abdomen.
All these sports have in common, low impact and anxiety reduction (through performing different breathing techniques and controlled movements)

As you can see, weight loss is no need to spend hours in a gym or do physical activity nauseum, I can do it quietly and effectively.

Take advantage of the properties of certain sports, lose weight healthily and improve your quality of life.

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