All you need to know about weight loss Cardio Box

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Everything about this super slimming exercise

A very fashionable exercise that combines aerobics with martial arts. Are you going to lose your note? Well here it is.

This great physical activity, which can lose up to 800 calories in a one hour session is all about.

Everything about the Cardio Box

The cardiobox is a form of fitness, with explosive and dynamic movements, combining aerobics with martial arts with boxing and even some dancing. It is a very strenuous activity that helps to strengthen muscles, sculpt the body, tone and burn fat. An hour of cardiobox practiced with energy and intensity burn many calories, they say that about 700-800 per hour, so this is a huge sport energy consumption. Ideal to lose weight quickly.

28495346-grupo-de-gente-atl-tica-jumpin-sobre-unas-cajas-en-un-gimnasio-de-entrenamiento-cruzadoGet a rapid increase in the flexibility and agility, while strengthening every muscle in our body and also increases cardiovascular endurance. Also good it is to gain coordination, balance and helps a lot to defuse tensions concerns of daily life. You will free the adrenaline accumulated throughout the day and will improve stress.

It is accompanied by a fast music in coordination with the movement. One of the first guidelines is to give a punch, you visualize someone in front to focus the blows with greater force and precision. The truth is a very motivating and fun sport that engages immediately. It is easy to follow even for beginners, and everyone can do it at your own pace: Advanced giving more strength and energy to shock and jumps; and beginners making it softer and less marking the jumps and movements, or is a sport that is suitable for any fitness level.

Other benefits

Abdominal work. Most gestures and blows from the trunk, and thanks to the strength of the abdomen, so this area is toned and strengthened quickly.
Greatly increased exercise endurance, as you each time you practice you will go less tired and will improve the cardiovascular system.
It gives you more strength in his arms, and greatly strengthens the upper body, arms, shoulders, back … Eliminates sagging faster, but in fact the body is toned up and down, because it activates and strengthens all muscle groups. The legs work much thanks to the jumps and kicks, so in no time you will notice how your body hardens and is eliminating sagging all areas.
It builds confidence in yourself. Not exactly a self-defense class, but being all the while kicking and punching, it increases self-esteem, the feeling of power and force that produces.


If you do in the gym, classes are structured in the traditional style of Fitness. They last about an hour and consists of 3 phases: Warming Working Phase and stretching at the end. During the work phase they will work different muscle groups to the beat of the music.

For weight loss and muscle strengthening to be effective, you have to practice about 3 times a week, and it is good to combine with other physical activities.

It is recommended for all kinds of people, ages and sexes, fewer pregnant women. It should go with caution if you have pain in the joints, or suffer osteoarthritis, then you better check before practicing with your doctor.

It is important that after practice, let your body rest between 48 and 72 hours, so that your muscles recover and improve your fitness gradually.

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