Caesarean post exercises: When and how to start them

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What do physical exercises after surgery pregnancy?

exercises after cesarean
hello my name is Jenny, I have 15 days of having my baby by C-section, I’m aerobics instructor and I love lifting weights at the gym I do it eight years ago. and I want to know exactly when I can resume these exercises especially weightlifting. Thank you.

Submitted by jenny

Hi Jenny: This issue is very delicate for that answer virtually otherwise my professional competence can not determine when a wound is open or closed, even if he could see you. My advice is that when the doctor will be discharged, will you clarify your activity requires other physical condition and will not be limited to the normal activities of a sedentary person.

25174583-nordic-walking--activa-la-gente-trabajando-al-aire-libreYou know that the abdomen acts as a support for ejercicos power with other parts of the body, so if you are not well healed points, you can open the wound, even internally. As an example, notice what happens to the abdomen when someone pushes a car, you will see that swells and comes out at the time that it becomes harder. This is proof of how the abdomen works as biomechanics to be the time of synergist muscles, or help others.

Also, each body responds differently to the same treatments have been cases of people in just three months and were ready to start physical activity and others that has led them longer.

If you want to recover the lost figure pregnancy before starting with the dumbbells, I recommend that you consider other forms of exercising and spend calories, how to breastfeed.
When they’re ready to return to your old routine, remember to start gradually and with minimum load. But consult your doctor before he will know when is the right time for you to get back to exercising. I hope I’ve helped. A greeting.

Exercise to lose weight after cesarean

i am alejandra I have 4 months of having my second bb by cerarea and I wonder if my body will be prepared to exercise.
Posted by Alejandra Martinez
Hi Alejandra, after a caesarean, after four months, is the doctor who must determine whether you can exercise to lose weight. Because just you got out of surgery, and physical activity needed for weight loss is much more intense than is necessary to protect yourself from the risk factors.

Hormonal changes after childbirth, persist for approximately 6 weeks, according to the American College of Sports Medicine. If you add to that a cesarean wound, physical exercise to lose weight, it is difficult to do because the body is not yet fully recovered from the stress endured after giving birth.

You can resume exercise after a caesarean at the time that the doctor will be discharged to perform intense physical activity, not just the doctor permission to the activities of daily life. Conversely, if the question refers to the possibility of being active, to mobilize the body, you may start with controlled, very gentle exercises and do not present tension in the abdominal area. Simply dedicating to clean your house (without making efforts more) you can burn a lot of calories.

Other options are the gentle walk and some stretching movements to allow gradually prepare the body for greater efforts. Anyway, this website does not replace the advice of a medical professional, it provides useful only for it to be compared with other sources. A greeting.

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