Can running on an empty stomach, slim?

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50750345-grupo-de-adultos-j-venes-formaci-n-y-corriendo-juntos-a-trav-s-de-senderos-en-la-ladera-al-aire-libr¿Exercise before or after breakfast?

If you are determined to lose weight through diet and physical activity, you will probably have some doubts. In this note you will find the answer to some of them, such as whether fasting run thins or whether it is better to exercise before or after breakfast.

No one can doubt that running or any enjoyable physical activity will help you lose weight. The question is when. Many recommend doing fasting (especially those who want to lose fat and gain muscle mass) and others after breakfast.

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To those who say that running on an empty stomach is better to lose weight and increase muscle. Why? This conclusion would be based on the body, not to eat since last night, has no reserve sugar (glycogen); therefore the body should get that energy accumulated fat. In conclusion adipose tissue decrease.

It is important to have in mind that this result may depend on several factors, such as intensity, exercise and duration; without forgetting that each person is an individual and does not react in the same way (so does diets).

According to some studies evaluating the body’s response to exercise before or after consumption of carbohydrates, it was observed that in both cases the same amount of weight is lost, but more fat is lost if the exercise is performed in you fast.

Although these results are positive from physical exercise before breakfast, the reality is that it can be risky, especially for sedentary people who are not properly trained.

Fasting itself is not nutritionally healthy (except in special situations and monitored by a physician) may even compromise the long-term physical performance.

Taking into account all this information, as a conclusion it can be said that they could only run fast athletes that are controlled and properly trained.

If you are sedentary and instead just start with your physical activity it is convenient to eat breakfast properly and after that out running. Why? because you can suffer from dizziness, vomiting, nausea and even fainting.

If you run after you eat breakfast, you will get similar benefits to run on an empty stomach and avoid complications in your health.

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