Choosing stretching exercises

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Stretching exercises for weight loss

Do not hesitate, slim with stretching. Streching exercises are ideal to lose weight and achieve muscle flexibility. Learn a little more of this excellent discipline that will help you lose weight.

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How do the streching exercises on weight loss?
The benefits of streching
Stretching to run
Stretches to eliminate belly
Exercises to stretch your back
Exercise in general helps a lot to lose weight, you could say it’s essential. But if it does loosen up your muscles, the better. With so much stress going around, you need to relax and descontracturarse. To this you can get through streching exercises to lose weight.

How do the streching exercises on weight loss?

To be undertaken with a long, deep breath, allowing you to lower your stress level, thus producing deep relaxation. In other words, they reduce anxiety and give you mental and emotional well-being.
7889476-chica-sonriente-mirando-la-c-mara-durante-ejercicios-de-estiramiento-con-su-clase-en-el-gimnasioLike any physical activity, caloric expenditure through, allow you to burn fat.
To perform stretching exercises do not need much space, only you should have a mat and your will and desire to start.

If you make a routine 1 or 2 times a week for 1 hour, you will see that at the end of two weeks, you will begin to see the results you were expecting.

The benefits of streching

Increase flexibility to your muscles
Improving the movement of your joints
Promotes relaxation
Control anxiety
Corrects bad posture
No rock you consume calories, so it is ideal for those older people who want to lose weight with exercise controlled
You can practice at home, office, gym, anywhere
You know, if you intend to lose weight through a different exercise, not as intense, choose the routine to lose weight.

Stretching to run

The start of any physical activity should be accompanied by proper stretching to avoid injury and mainly to prepare mentally to the stimulus of exercise you will do. You also need to run this kind of exercise before.

The most common causes of injuries due to exercise are inflammation of the tendons, especially the Achilles, which is the height of the heel and is located patellar knee.

This happens in aerobic exercises where the same gesture is long, especially the race, running, walk.

A stretched muscle has increased blood supply, remains in a proper base pitch has sufficient capacity and flexibility to absorb shocks and bad moves.

Previously, it is advisable that you make some rotational movements of the joints of the hip, knee and ankle.

Standing. Legs together. Bend one leg bringing the heel toward the buttocks, helping with one or two hands. The knees should remain together. You have to feel the thigh stretch. Repeat on the other side.
Standing. Separate legs one and a half shoulder width. Lower hip one side, bending the knee of that side. Stay two seconds and repeat on the other side. Here you have to stretch the core muscles of the leg called adductors.
Standing in front of a wall. Stretch your arms and place the palms against the wall. The feet get you back. Place one leg farther than the other and try to lower the heel to the ground. Repeat on the other side. This exercise stretches the gastrocnemius and soleus that help you protect Achilles tendon injuries.
Finally, spread your legs shoulder width. Feet pointing forward. Lower the trunk trying to bury his head between his knees. The legs remain straight.

Stretches to eliminate belly

Thin is common to hear people, who often complains of abdominal tenderness. If you have fat elsewhere in your body and yet still having tummy, it may be due to a particular position of your pelvis as a result of the relationship between the muscles of the back and abdomen. In this case, the stretching can help you eliminate belly.

The muscles in the lower back, lumbar called, must be in a position of synergy, that is in collaboration with respect to the abdominal wall. When the abs contract, lumbar relax and vice versa.

The static standing position, the standing, spending long hours sitting in inappropriate positions, negatively impacts the back straight chain, so, especially the back responds to all this with a permanent contraction of your muscles, causing pain.


Chronic lumbar contraction occurs in the abdominal muscles, which causes relaxation of hypotonia and flaccidity. This is due to the synergistic relationship (help) between these two muscular planes.

At the time this functional relationship is broken, they are chronically distended abdominal losing proper muscle tone. The solution is to stretch your back and all subsequent muscular straight chain. Pelvis thereby regains its correct position and all neuromuscular function is restored, returning to acquire the abdominal tone level suitable base.

Exercises to stretch your back

With his back against the floor, lift your legs stretched pointing the toes to the ceiling so that they form an angle of 90 °. Bring your chin to your chest peeling head off the floor. The arms are alongside the body parallel to the floor. Remains about three seconds in that position, then loosened to rest. Repeated at least 10 times.

90 carries legs with knees bent, raise the head and trunk peeling shoulders off the floor and place your hands against the thighs. Without moving your legs, pushed forward by force with arms, hold three to five seconds of war. Repeated 10 times.

Sitting, one leg straight, the other bent with the foot flat on the thigh is extended. Bend the trunk carrying the torso to the knee. Hold for 15 “seconds to a minute before loosening. Repeated 5 times on each side.
These are just small examples to stretch the back, you will see that the result is a restoration of the right abdominal muscle tone and, of course, removing the belly.

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