Choosing the diameter of the ball for Pilates

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Tips for Buying fitball

Pilates ball diameter
Hello measure 1.70 cm and weight 60 kilos. I do not know what Pilates ball diameter of purchase. The 65 cm fluted, would be fine? Or better than 75 cm?
Submitted by Marlene

Hello Marlene: The Fitball Pilates is one of the disciplines of Pilates, which requires some experience to start practicing. especially the instability that gives the ball in models of intermediate and advanced exercises. Therefore, the diameter of the ball has to be right up to who uses it, despite a people with similar heights, can have different measures of long legs and arms.

There is a general table used to standardize choosing the right ball, relative to body height. This was designed because the diameters of the balls are also standardized varying time of 5 cm.

The table is as follows:

20615771-ajustar-mujer-haciendo-pilates-con-una-pelota-y-una-mirada-feliz1.50 user height (in meters) corresponds ball 45 cm in diameter.
To 1.60 m, 50 cm in diameter.
To 1.70 m, it is 55 cm
And to 1.80 m, the right ball is 60 cm.
Anyway, you must sit on the ball with your back straight and check your ankles, knees and hips form a 90 degree angle with your feet flat on the floor.

It is important that you feel comfortable and safe with the diameter you choose, because there are advanced exercises where the balance is precarious, and it is possible that if you control the movement, the ball will “bounce” and could hit hard. Finally, know that progression towards more difficult ejercicos must be gradual to avoid problems of any kind.

I hope I’ve helped.
A greeting.

What consider in choosing a Pilates ball?

Pilates on the Ball
I saw balls for use with pilates exercises with different diameters, 50, 60, 80 cms. diameter, my question is what should I consider to acquire the ideal for me, height, weight, type of exercises, please give me your guidance.
Submitted by Patricia
Hi Patricia: The Pilates method uses a large variety of items for different exercises, as well as to increase the intensity or level of difficulty of the same.


Among these elements is the ball, ball or fitball. As you say, you can find different diameters of ball the right size depending on several factors:

The type of exercise
Exercise intensity
The stature who exercises
Level reached by the practitioner
Of all these the most important factors is the height and level of the participant, in that order.

Fitball diameter should be such that when you sit on the ball can fully support the soles of the feet on the floor and legs are bent at least 90 degrees. Thus, you have secured the balance in the exercises and the diameter is in proportion to your height.

However, there are exercises that you are lying on the ground and must place the ball between your knees and if the diameter is very large, and very heavy ball is difficult to perform the exercise correctly. In that case you should use a smaller ball.

But you should prioritize security exercise to avoid injury, it is advisable that you use a ball that is according to your height.

I hope you have been helpful.

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