Does exercise increase appetite?

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46801299-exerciseHow does exercise on the satiety center?

Much is said in reference to whether exercise does not increase or appetite, so to answer this concern, it is important to know how exercise works on the satiety center.

Exercise is essential for healthy weight loss, although it is also necessary to clarify that physical activity is needed to improve cardiovascular health, and other metabolic diseases, such as diabetes and dyslipidemia.

While there are many benefits that physical activity has raised some questions, such as whether exercise increases appetite or how to exercise acts on the satiety center.

Does exercise increase appetite?

Studies show that many people who were sedentary, feel hungrier after physical activity, but it is also important to control because exercise produces satiety faster. Even, there is evidence that this increased appetite would be greater in women.
This means that while exercise can increase appetite in some people; also it allows you to eat less because you feel satisfied more quickly.
For you to understand a little more interesting to know how exercise works on the satiety center.

When you perform aerobic exercise (cycling, running, walking) increases the blood pumping, which act by reducing levels of ghrelin (a hormone that stimulates appetite), and increase levels of peptide YY (hormone that stimulates the satiety center ).

Given this information, there are ways by which you can take advantage of stimulating satiety center, and avoid excessive consumption of foods if you feel hungry.

If you feel hungry after exercise, you can have low calorie snacks hand, as well as foods with low glycemic index, that allow you to eat something but it does not add too many calories.

Physical exercise is essential to health and if you need to lose weight. Therefore, do not be discouraged if you feel hungry the first time and take advantage of the satisfying benefits that allow you to eat less.

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