HIIT training, good diet with heart problems

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29576580-hombre-haciendo-ejercicios-de-estiramiento-en-el-pisoA strong physical exercise to lose weight

Interval Training High Intensity (HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training) is a widely used in recent years to improve physical performance and condition, along with fat burning mode. What differentiates this from other training is carried out in short blocks, 15 to 30 minutes, such as your name, high intensity and rhythmic alterations high to moderate as recovery times says.

Like any high intensity training, HIIT raises questions to those who want to practice and suffer cardiac diseases. It is important that before performing these activities as demanding you realices a medical checkup. However, it’s outlook is encouraging, since studies at the Mayo Clinic (EE. UU.) Showed that not only healthy people improve their cardiorespiratory fitness, but also rehabilitated patients achieve stabilized and HIIT is a good complement to medical treatment .

However, if you feel any symptoms or coronary disease is not recommended that you begin to do these workouts, because your heart is not ready for such drastic changes. But all is said, the discussion about high-intensity workouts and heart disease is not finished.

Studies that relate are nothing new, and in 1981 he published one titled “Effects of 12 months of vigorous exercise on ischemic ST segment depression in patients with coronary artery disease,” conducted by the American Heart Association . This showed that a high intensity training could reducie the myocardial scheme, which means that, after 12 months of doing these exercises several patients had positive results in their electrocardiograms.

Although subsequent studies showed otherwise and other resurfaced the positive effect of these tests in heart health, eventually lost interest in this topic. But in recent years with the rise of Crossfit and other high intensity workouts curiosity experts resurgirlo and again began new studies published in professional journals.

So much so that in 2014 the National Library of Medicine of the National Institutes of Health in the United States published a new analysis entitled “Training high intensity intervals in patients with cardiometabolic life style induced disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis “.

10 studies with 273 patients were met with diseases such as coronary artery, heart failure, hypertension, metabolic syndrome and obesity and the results showed that the HIIT training improves cardiorespiratory fitness almost double that physical activity of moderate intensity (MICT) in patients with chronic diseases induced by lifestyle (which is the main factor contributing to such diseases).

The main conclusions of these studies are encouraging

First, in all but one study it showed that the HIIT outperforms the MICT. As for cardiovascular and metabolic health indicators the results were the same or better than the MICT in all studies.

While it may seem very promising you should never ignore the fact that if you have any heart disease are a high-risk patient, so your medical supervision should be more intense than that of other participants in this training (which also have medical checkups often, and they have been known cases of very young and healthy people who die doing this kind of training).

Researchers do not provide the necessary protocols to measure adverse effects and only four of the ten studies explicitly say they have not found. But fear not, the HIIT is a physical activity that is done gradually and your body will gradually gathering pace, but do not play with your health and go to professionals to advise properly.}

In conclusion, although the HIIT exercise seems to be compatible with people with heart disease, and can greatly improve your lifestyle and health still need more research to ensure that it is, especially the issue of security.

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