How thin the back

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Exercises to slim back

Grease broad back

Hello my name is Queen I need your help, now I’m weighing 180 two months ago was weighing 203 pounds have managed to lower but still see my back is wide it is fat that can define not loose or soft but this there I have thighs and buttocks good proportion or normal but my back is mostly wide almost inbetween too high or too low and more in rolls that exercise can do for both rolls to back up through all await your response with style forward’m 23 years and I’ve proposed with the help of you will achieve faster
Sent by Queen

Hello Reina: you need to understand the mechanism of weight loss to lose the extra kilos you have.

The primary form factor and most successful weight loss is to follow a diet, so as to create a calorie deficit that allows the body to use fat reserves to extract fuel in order to carry out metabolic reactions.

There is no single and specific exercise to produce weight loss, because as I said earlier, the fat is reduced mainly through diet, eating fewer calories than you expend, and physical activity in addition to burn extra calories, but diet, more exercise you do, the fat can be eliminated.

When you lose weight and fat, the body is done evenly, uniform; therefore it is not possible to thin the area you choose, because fat loss occurs simultaneously throughout the body at once and not by sector. Knowing this, you can dispel the myth that doing an exercise, such as for the back, you are working to remove fat from that area.

All it produces is a toning, but diet, the fat will not go away. Once you’ve started the diet, you can supplement it with the practice of at least three times a week and at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity. Additionally, you can add strength training to tone the body parts.

In this video you can see how aerobic exercise with a hoop. While it is primarily designed to model the waist, the movement that forces you to do will also help you burn fat back.

Passing in clean, diet, rather than a particular exercise, you must beware at meals, physical activity and mainly patience, perseverance and for any reason not to interrupt the weight loss program. I hope I’ve helped. A greeting.

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Modeling a broad back for a body provided

wide back


Hello, I would like to know I can do to balance a little my figure, I have strong legs and buttocks but my back is wide, there is a styling exercise arms and wide back and not above me? currently only army that area with light dumbbells thanks!
Submitted by Pilar
Hello Pilar: the proportions of the body are important, beyond the “dictatorship” of the numbers sometimes impose people related to the world of aesthetics, to the detriment of the fields of health and physical activity, which I think should have the stronger voice in these issues.

If you have strong legs and buttocks, I gather, are well developed, they are proportionately in harmony with a broad back, otherwise the body would take a pyramidal shape. But beyond aesthetics, if not working that area of ​​your body and, despite everything, it is wide, it is because it is genetically determined. Therefore, what we’re trying to do is actually muscle hypertrophy, only an aesthetic whim, atrophying muscles quickly return to its natural state when doing exercise.

Passing in clean, if you work with very little weight, you’re doing the right thing and keep the muscle tone without increasing the cross volume. What must be clear is that if you want to slim the back, the right way is to do exercises located, but diet to watch your diet.

The only exercises that can get to shape your body with stylized muscles is the work of stretching, especially after a session of specific strength.

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