How to combat sagging muscles with exercises

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10440639-aerobic-fitness-mujer-ejercer-aislado-en-todo-el-cuerpo-feliz-sonriente-y-en-rgico-encDaikidissa Susana tells you what to do to your legs look more shapely and slender

Susana Dakidissa still helping us to answer inquiries from our users. This time will tell how to fight sagging legs to make them look more shapely and slender. Do not miss your answer!

Surely Video Contest participated Susana Daikidissa, well now accompanies us your questions or answering your questions. In the previous game, Susana said if it was possible or not to reduce localized fat.

How you can eliminate sagging thighs?

Now, to continue this column, Susana answer the following query by Adriana Sanchez, of Mexico, DF “Hi, I’m losing weight, but my skin has become flabby. I do half an hour of zumba daily. What is recommended for the flabbiness? “

Sagging thighs can be caused by many factors, such as lack of exercise, fast descents weight, low protein diet, hormonal changes, age.

To start would be important to know that flab you, as this may be present in the skin, muscles or both areas.

Sagging skin
If you have sagging skin primarily in the massage you can reduce. To do this, you must use a firming cream and apply it on clean skin twice daily, both morning and evening. Once applied these creams is important to apply a good massage. Although creams may help improve the appearance of the skin, they do not offer miraculous results, so it is important to combine use with a healthy diet and exercise.

Sagging muscles
To combat sagging muscles you need to exercise your legs, you’ll battle this not only sagging, but your legs will look more harmonious and slender turned.

Exercises to tone your legs

Walks 50 minutes a day brisk. Besides walking you can run a little bit every day, this in addition to tighten the legs helps you fight cellulite.

Bicycle. Cycling is another great place to combat sagging legs, and to mold them exercise. This is a fun activity that also brings many benefits to your cardiovascular system.
Aqua fitness, water gymnastics. This is one of the best physical activities that exist to maintain strong legs and prevent sagging. The water pressure and cold temperatures make visible results faster.

Other toning exercises. In addition, there are many toning exercises we can do at home to strengthen your legs, such as squatting, up and down stairs.
In these videos you can find some of the exercises to fight the flab

Other tips to eliminate sagging

It is important that these exercises combine them with other cardio exercises such as swimming, running or aerobics.

The important thing is that you combine both types of exercises, emphasizing localized exercises. Ideally, you work a muscle to stop one day and the next day to let it rest. This is because the muscles grow while the body rests. If you work the same muscle every day, do not let tonifique be repaired and properly.

Keep in mind that food is essential to combat sagging legs and any part of the body, abundant fat diets and refined carbohydrates negatively affect the way skin, giving a flabby appearance. Also, the lack of protein increases sagging muscles and skin, as these are very important for tissue formation.

Do not forget to drink two liters of water a day hydrates the skin inside and eat healthy, that not missing in your diet vegetables and fruits that give you antioxidants. Moreover, avoid snuff, alcohol and excess salt.

Seize the opportunity Susana Dakidissa gives you and send your questions in the comments.

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