How to eliminate cellulite legs with exercises and home remedies

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Tips and tricks to have a perfect legs, orange peel
cellulite on legs

Hello I love finding these pages certainly I have several questions. I am a woman of 28 years which exercise for 12 or 14 years or even every day up to 4 hours. Now 4 years I have been a way of life not as active even try to go to the gym at least 3 times a week. But since you stop lifting weights and train every day my legs have very much cellulite. I do not know what kind of exercises to try again because now what I do is run, or elliptical work or if exercises to help me lose weight because after I stopped exercising daily rising more easily directly … .The question is why the increased cellulite and what to do to at least reduce it?
Posted by wanda

Hi Wanda: cellulite is a disease with multiple factors and not solely to one cause, making it difficult to establish the fact that you have stopped exercising, has been the origin of cellulite.

6543400-mujer-joven-mostrando-celulitis-en-su-piernaIn fact, cellulite is an inflammation of the tissues, so that the muscular system has little effect on its appearance. However, studies indicate that good muscle tone in the glutes and tensor fascia lata (the muscle that is on the side of the hip) helps reduce this pathology.

Diet is also important, both from the standpoint of low calorie intake and the quality of the food, to prevent toxins.

I recommend you to come work out in leg strength exercises as running, muscular level, only serves to stimulate the circulation, and very little (almost nothing) to tone.

Another issue is the excessive time that you do in each session, four hours asking for too much you end up hurting because after 60 minutes exercise is not as effective for hormonal depletion level.

Finally, studies also indicate that women with certain emotional lability, easily depressed, tend to have more cellulite. So the exercise, by causing an increase in endorphins, helps fight depression.

I hope I was helpful.
A greeting.

Assistsin I have cellulite

Hi I’m Jimena, I have 26 years and I have so much cellulite, because since childhood I had a sedentary lifestyle and junk lots of food, and 7 years ago I started exercising but as I see changes in my body, I leave and go back to try. But I’m not constant, I think it’s because I do not think my life should be like this and assume it changes, I could never wear shorts or skirts shame the appearance of my legs. Now I have a more balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, also take plenty of water. But I wonder if today at 26 am so I can expect from the future ?? Please advise me … I need to thank you very much

Sent by Jimena
Hello Jimena: Tips to eliminate cellulite legs should be implemented, otherwise they will never improvements. Anyway, I must warn you that this disease has multiple causes, and treatments are effective to reduce, not eliminate it definitively.

Cellulite is an inflammation of the subcutaneous connective tissue, edema with little capillary flow occurs around fat cell, forming the typical node that has inside triglycerides, liquid retained and toxins. Because it is not primarily a disease of fat, exercise can improve it but just not eliminate it. Also, diet and physical activity, usually they are not totally effective in reaching dissolve the fat.

There are alternative treatments for cellulite, which supplement to diet and physical activity and more specifically attack the disease. Natural treatments are from exercise, diet and stress management. Mechanical massage, whirlpools, thermal therapy among others.

Medical treatments are most effective. These include liposuction, laser, ultrasound, ozone therapy and many more. A program to combat cellulite, it should be a combination of all named, still in the hands of a single treatment hoping to reduce this annoying condition that afflicts more than 90% of women.

I hope I’ve helped.
A greeting.

Natural methods to eliminate cellulite legs

Although cellulite can develop in different parts of the body, legs are conducive areas for their appearance. If you want to remove naturally, you can use a natural mask cellulite on legs that are easy to prepare. You can do it yourself.

Eliminate cellulite is not an easy task, but there are natural and home remedies, used on a daily basis can help you achieve it. This mask combines the properties of sage and mint.


Mix two cuchadazas two tablespoons of sage and mint, place them in a pint of olive oil, and add 1 teaspoon lemon juice.
Let stand for 10 days, schools and ready to use.
Using this mask?

Very easy, just apply this mask on the affected area (preferably, do it at night before going to sleep), and make gentle circular movements.

If you are interested leverage the properties of different herbs that act against cellulite, you can make different natural masks such as mask of yogurt and orange, lemon mask, mask maker, etc.

Moreover, the massages are good complements to reduce cellulite as well as physical exercise and diet. Cellulite is difficult to eradicate, but implementing various natural treatments may decrease or even eliminate it.

Remember, the main component that should be present for this type of natural treatments, is consistency.

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