How to exercise in winter

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10440639-aerobic-fitness-mujer-ejercer-aislado-en-todo-el-cuerpo-feliz-sonriente-y-en-rgico-encWinter is a key time of year to activate the body

Susana Dakidissa, star columnist fitness having lose weight, has come back with his column. In this case, the instructor has focused on playing a very important issue: how to exercise in the winter? This season usually paid for lethargy and physical inactivity. But that’s something you have to avoid at all costs! Help yourself with these tips.

Do you like Susana regularly publishes columns Dakidissa blog? Well, here’s a new one. In this case, the fitness instructor brings you a great proposal that the winter will not beat you. Physical activity at this time of year is crucial. And Susana will show why along these lines.

How to exercise in winter
Most people think that now in winter sports will not be reflected in the body that have in summer, because much time is left, but it is not. Everything you eat and you exercise during the winter months then reflect, because what you can not do is leave you now and then a month before summer trying to slim and shape the body.

In addition exercise keeps the body in good physical condition, and if summer is very advisable, in winter it becomes almost imperative. Moderate physical activity during the fall and winter months improves the physical condition of the person, increasing their defenses and strengthen the immune system, which helps us catch fewer colds so common at this time of year.

One benefit of exercise is that in winter the cold burn more calories, up to 30 percent more than in summer, because the body needs to stay warm, and therefore needs more energy and burn more calories to get it.

If you exercise in the street or abroad:
Wrap up enough to leave, and as you between heat with exercise is good go removing outerwear, but do not do it at once to avoid cool down What you need is to dress in layers to take off and put some clothes on insofar as you grow cold or you heat it. Try to make special clothes for sports, because it is the most suitable for extreme temperatures.

At the end of the year, bundle up again, and cambiate wet clothes immediately. A common mistake is to stay desabrigado to end the exercise or let the clothes to dry in the body. For the colder, rainy or windy you can always resort to go to the pool to swim days, you can go to a gym where you can do multiple activities, you can go to spend the afternoon at the social center of the neighborhood to make classes dance, tai chi, pilates …. And if it’s too cold in your city to work out in the street, a good option is to exercise at home, with my videos

It is important to know that: In winter should consume as much water as in summer, before, during and tas routine, though not the same feel thirsty, your body needs to rehydrate in the same way. And the cold constricts muscles, so it is important to warm up before starting any exercise and stretching to finish.

Note that if you are sick (fever, colds, flu, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, etc.), it is best to suspend the exercise or do some exercise, but very soft and relaxing things. If you want to prevent respiratory diseases, remember to have a good diet, drink plenty of fluids and increase consumption of foods rich in vitamin C.

dakidissaUna great column has been read from the hand of Susana Dakidissa. Do not forget to take into account their words and use their tips to feel better in winter.

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