How to lose fat arms models

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Exercises to reduce fat arms


Hello I am a young want you to help me lose the fat on my arms because in reality, they are extremely thick and do not go with my body … please give me a solution !! Thank you
Submitted by Lisbeth

Hello Lisbeth: The right word may be that I can give an orientation to what you’re worried, since the solution is in your hands. You will eliminate fat from your arms when you slacken the percentage of body fat throughout your body.

The body breaks down evenly, uniform, never localizadamente. It means that if you have fat in the arms, is also likely to be accumulated in other areas of the body. Therefore, it is a misconception to think that doing a specific exercise for arms, can thin that area of ​​your body, removing fat localizadamente.

29989821-mujer-comprobar-su-grasa-del-brazoLikewise, genetic inheritance determines the appearance of your skin, eye color and even distribution of body fat. That may be causing you to see your thicker arms in relation to your body. Anyway, when levels are low fat percentage, fat significantly decreased everywhere.

Exercise helps burn extra calories, but if you do not diet or control the amount of calories you eat per day, it is very difficult to reduce fat levels. The exercise also shapes and tones, especially exercises small muscle groups like arms, shoulders and abs, but are not the main factor for weight loss and body fat.

Therefore, you should start a diet, eliminating as far as possible, foods containing sugar and refined flour. That plan should supplement the diet with aerobic physical activity and / or basic strength exercises that allow you to build muscle mass of legs, back, chest and buttocks.

I hope I’ve helped.
A greeting.

How to burn fat from your arms?

loose weight

Hello, I need to please help me, I want to burn fat but most importantly I want to burn first arms weightlifter since I look at the rest of my body I have a little over-weight. Help me to burn that fat so disastrous as soon as possible .. thanks ..
Sent by rosalynn
Hello Rosalynn: The help we can give is limited to advice and guide action can suggest, the rest have to do it alone.

That is, the decision and the effort is unique to your will to change and feel good.


If you are overweight, the solution is simple: you eat less. To eat is less necessary orders and you follow certain dietary guidelines through a diet. This will cause a calorie deficit that will allow you to phase out the accumulated fat as a reserve.

The body reduces its fat percentage uniform manner throughout the body, does not selectively. Therefore, until the weight does not go down, the fat will remain in the areas where it is accumulated.

Exercise is a powerful ally and a dietary supplement. It allows you to burn more calories and returns to more efficient not to accumulate body fat as an energy reserve.

However, doing arm exercises for example, does not mean that the accumulated fat in that area, disappears.

What is certain is that the arms will be strengthened toning the muscles, so the appearance of them will improve significantly.

In short, the solution is simple, dieting and exercise. It all depends on your motivation and willpower to sustain over time. If your overweight is not big, you have no need to submit to a strict diet: In this video you will find various tricks to lose weight without starving and thus to slim your arms along with your whole body.

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