How to lose fat with metabolic acceleration

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48565581-fitnessTo understand what metabolic acceleration workouts are treated, we must first define what is metabolism. There is a BMR called that consists of the minimum energy required by our body to function at rest. That is, the minimum calories expended to live (breathing or swallowing, for example). There is another metabolism, the total which, as the name suggests includes all the energy required by the body to function and includes, in addition to the baseline, expenses that occur, for example, physical activity,

Metabolic acceleration exercises are designed to accelerate the rate at which calories are burned with the objective that this persists even after class. To achieve this, the routines have to meet certain requirements:

* To work as many muscle groups during class.

* Combine exercises more intensely with other less demanding.

* Go adding class to class, complexity to a stagnation of progress does not occur.

* Varying routines and add up sessions, so that the body does not get used

* Increase speed and workload.

Of course, as I always say, all this prior medical and supervision of a personal trainer checkup should be performed. Here, a routine of functional exercises that produce metabolic acceleration. Repeat five times the circuit

1- Integral legs and arms, first placed squatting on the ground, then stretch your legs and arms, do push-ups and squat again. From that position, jump and stretch your arms.

2- Aerobic and legs: a kind of hopscotch arm themselves with chalk or placing ropes on the floor, and go jumping, alternating feet, from one end to the other.

3- cones: do a circuit with five cones (or other item) and go running zigzag including previously touching the item. Thus the upper and lower working plane.

4- Crunches: do a session of 10 reps of crunches.

5- Legs: do five rebounds in place, skip and repeat.


* It decreases body fat

* You burn calories even after the session

* Increases muscle mass

* Improves lung capacity

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