How to reduce waistline in 4 weeks

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15592218-piernas-que-se-ejecutan-en-una-cinta-de-correrTraining plan to lose kilos in a month

Regardless of the season of the year you are in, if you are willing to lose kilos in a month and this has become a goal to achieve, in this note you will find information on how to reduce waist in 4 weeks. To do this, I will present you with a simple but effective training plan. Do not miss it!

In a month of training it is possible to lose a few extra pounds.

While this will depend on each person, in 4 weeks you can lose about 5 kilos, and lose between 2 to 4 inches of waist.

If you are in search of this plan, I will tell you how to carry it out.

Training plan to lose kilos in a month

A rather unusual to lose weight fast in a week Council, see the video, click here

Week 1

During this week it is important that you exercise 3 times a week. First you must perform 10 minutes of aerobic exercises, such as a treadmill or bicycle. After these minutes, the activity to choose should be localized gymnastics, body pump or bodybuilding exercises. The goal of this week is to train legs, abdomen, back and chest.
Week 2

This week you will combine 2 days of the activity you did during the first week, and on the third day you will only do aerobic activity (treadmill, fitness or similar).
Week 3

During these 7 days the goal is to lose fat, so it is necessary that three days a week you perform aerobic physical activity, in addition to the aforementioned you can walk, jog or take aerobic classes.
Week 4

The training plan for this week is similar to the previous week, you only have to increase the speed or the resistance in case you are exercising with tape or bicycle respectively.
It is important to keep in mind that this physical training plan must be accompanied by a hypocaloric, but balanced diet. This way your body will feel less impacted and will react better to training and weight loss.

Remember, it is always advisable to see the doctor before beginning with a training plan and a diet to lose weight. Keep in mind that we are not all the same, and each organism reacts differently.

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