How to remove the cheeks?

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10713671-medio-hombre-envejecido-y-obeso-a-comer-un-chocolate-donutExercises to reduce fat face

Why you have more fat in your cheeks?

Hereditary causes
In your family, they are chubby? I mean by this that each comes with a genetic baggage determines a specific physical constitution. If there is a tendency to have thick, fleshy cheeks in your family, it is not surprising that you have inherited this feature.
There is an important role for what you broadcast your genetic parents. It means that some people have a more angular or round face, so a same exercise may respond differently to each other.

Nutritional causes
Have you gained weight lately? However, when there is excess weight is usually swollen face and cheeks are prominent. This is due to excess fat that is deposited in every part of the body. In this case, the most effective way to remove fat from the face is dieting.
For that there are no secrets, you must eat fewer calories than you need to create a deficit of input that allows you to lose weight.
Complementing this, it is very important that you start a physical activity for the body to become more efficient in metabolizing fats and carbohydrates, and thus prevent deposit as reserves.

How to exercise to slim your cheeks?
You must begin the exercise gradually, week by week and try to gradually increase the amount.

First you must see a doctor to give you approval. The latter is important because physical activity has to be important enough to face you achieve weight loss. You can see looking at the faces of elite athletes, where you can see the angled cut of their faces, in the peculiar features of each.

Additionally you can exercise to tone the muscles of the chin, because they respond like any normal muscular system.


Tips for reducing fat face
Make facial yoga exercises. Pouts while you contract cheeks. Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat several times.

Pinch your cheeks and give him some pats. Thus, the muscles of your face will look more toned.

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