How tone the buttocks and lower exercises

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7490331-mujer-haciendo-estiramiento-ejerce-sobre-el-uso-de-la-palabra-en-el-gimnasioExercise is a great help to tone muscles

The arrival of spring and summer brings us to wear lighter clothes and teach the body at beaches and pools. And buttocks are some very, shall we say, “difficult”. Few of us have the buttocks we want in shape, size, firmness and others. Although the shape and size are mostly determined by genes, it is also true that this area of ​​the body reacts in a very positive way to the care you give and the exercise you do.

The buttocks are the largest and strongest muscles in our body, but also the first accused problems like excess volume, loss of firmness, cellulite, sagging and others. For this reason, in this note I will tell you how to reverse this problem in every way.


With it you accelerate the renewal of the skin and smoother, firmer leave and helps eliminate fat. Your application form is very simple: you simply make circular movements and then rinsed with water.
The massage can do with a mitt or loofah sponge plant, also with exfoliating creams you find in any supermarket; or with homemade mixtures as any oil mixed with sugar or salt, bicarbonate; any body cream, mixed with sugar or salt or soda.
Another option is to use the coffee that helps you peel and thanks to caffeine, helps us eliminate localized fat in that area. The mixture would be normal coffee + salt + oil.
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One very important thing is hydration. You need to moisturize daily glutes. If twice daily, morning and night, the better. Every day after showering you wear a moisturizer all over the body with circular massages.
You must choose moisturizer according to skin type and get a smooth and elastic skin that will help to prevent stretch marks, improve circulation, to moisturize the skin, final accounts.
Another option is to use a firming cream (sold in pharmacies and supermarkets) that helps to have firmer skin.
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Cold-hot water

Another thing you can do to improve firmness and that is very effective is to apply the jet of water on the buttocks hot water alternating with cold and ending with cold, to stimulate circulation and firming the tissues.
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Good Posture

Good posture will make you improve the shape of the buttocks, and that it look more firm and pert. For this you must walk up straight with your shoulders back, and abdomen a little tight.
Eat well

Our body is a reflection of our diet. And the reality is that one of the areas where more can be accumulated fat is in the buttocks. If you eat sugar and refined flour in excess, this will go directly to accumulate in our conflict zones.
So if you seek to have a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and plenty of water; if you also control the unsavory food as mentioned above and convenience foods, fast food, sauces, fried, battered, managed to control the fat that will accumulate in the body. A healthy, nutritious and balanced diet is essential for our health and also contributes to a better state of your figure.


Walking is a great exercise. Will work your heart and helps you burn calories, shapes and tones the lower body. A daily walk of 40 minutes is very good to tighten the back, especially if you walk up steep surfaces.
Climbing stairs and slopes

A simple and common as climbing stairs, activity is one of the best exercises to tone buttocks and legs, because it makes work all the muscles in the area. Forget the elevator and reap the benefits of climbing stairs: it’s an easy, accessible exercise and gives results.

To have a firm and toned buttocks, must exercise! Look no miracles, just try to spend at least 30-45 minutes of physical activity daily. Any kind of activity helps burn calories and shape the figure. And there is specific training to work your glutes, the tone, musculan, shape, up and give them a nice shape
Other exercises


Other very good for shaping and toning options this area is running, kickboxing, belly dancing, aerobics, step, skating, spinning, etc,
A good trick

Keep your buttocks contracted as long as possible. You can do it at any time when you are sitting, standing waiting for the bus, etc. Collapses hold strongly, relax, get some time back, relax … And try to do it when you remember, this will do much to firm the area.

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