Refining the legs with exercise and diet

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How to remove fat from the legs and estilizarlas

lower leg muscle mass
Hi I would like to know how to tune your legs, because I do toning and cardio but I can not turn down the volume. Legs do specific machines but do not put weight because it does not cost me gain muscle in this area. I’m told that running it succeeds but fear losing muscle mass I have achieved in arms and back. I do not know what to do, thanks.
Submitted by pamela dominguez

Hello Pamela: programs to refine the legs, produce different results when it is applied to several people at the same time; this is due to the genetic map of each that determines body proportions among others.

Aerobic exercise such as running, can lose fat and if it is done often enough, you can lose muscle mass. What is certain is that the muscle does not grow with this kind of activity.

14454876-perfect-piernas-femeninas-en-el-fondo-borroso-de-oroAnyway, your concern goes through the proportions of your body, I can tell you is that it is very difficult to go against nature, because the results are short-term.

If your body is Athletic biotype, and want to look like longilinear, the only way is sacrificing muscle mass of the legs.

What can not be assured is that if you can refine the legs, they improve their appearance from the previous time. Since the decrease in muscle mass usually brings sagging and loss of features forms a strong and vigorous legs.

I think what matters is the total amount of your body, this is the shape of your legs in relation to your waist, back and arms.

You will achieve lower your legs running and tissue housed therein. Anyway you can switch to the work force back and arm and lower leg exercises to maintain muscle tone and not lose the athletic forms.

A greeting.

How to lose leg volume with exercise

Hello I would like to know how I can do to lower volume of legs I do cardio and fitness but do not work only legs buttocks. What I can do I can not lose volume. Thank you.
Submitted by pamela
Hello Pamela: the body responds to exercise load adapting to the effort. Otherwise you stimulate the muscles that make up the thighs is quite possible to lower the volume of legs Debas use another form of fitness.

What I mean is that if the perimeter of your legs is excessive, and not at any time you stimulate the muscles with specific exercises force, chances are you have excess localized fat.

The most effective way to remove fat from any body part is doing a diet. You must count calories and achieve at least a balance to not add more food than you really need. Exercise complements and it helps burn extra calories, but all toning program, modeling and fat loss is a combination of diet and physical activity in perspective.

You should also know that a developed muscles throughout the body, possible burn more fat at rest. The fat of the legs and hips is the most difficult to eradicate because it is very little irrigated by blood vessels, so it is much harder to cause degradation of adipose tissue.

Aerobic exercise, especially running, is the best way to eliminate fat and increase blood circulation. From the 20 minutes it starts using predominantly the fat as fuel. It is advisable to do at least 30 minutes daily.


However, you should try to increase the intensity of your workouts. If you do cardio on a treadmill, you can begin to increase speed for 45 seconds, so that your heart rate up to 170 beats then slow down and regain running slowly for 2-3 minutes.

Repeat this 6-7 times per session and you assured of a more fundamental strength training to increase the basal metabolic rate, the more effective passport burning body fat.

I hope I’ve helped.
A greeting.

Routine to reduce the size of the legs

That I can do to downsize my legs
Hello my name is Gina my problem is that my body is very disproportionate, I measure one meter 59 cm and weight 53 kg. I have big hips and very wide legs and as’m short does not look good, I would like to know I can make my legs decrease its size and also in those areas I have cellulite please not to do is uncomfortable because I look like a pear.

Submitted by Gina
Hello Gina: to reduce the size of your legs can and should be active and organize your power to achieve a balance between calorie intake and you spend throughout the day. However, your problem is called gynoid obesity type (pear-shaped) and I regret to inform you that is one of the most difficult to treat.

Anyway, diet, not in the sense of permanent restriction, but as incorporating healthy eating habits, along with a periodic and regular physical activity sustained over time, changes the shape of the legs to the limit dictated by your genetics.

Applying these factors, diet and exercise, you can remove fat from your legs and improve the appearance of cellulite, because it does not delete this program as it is a disease with multiple causes. The exercise, to reduce the size of your legs, should not necessarily be of specific activities for the legs, since the reduction of localized fat, no scientific basis.

Physical activity you do must necessarily stimulate the large muscle groups; as the legs are very bulky muscles, energy-intensive, they are preferred for activity muscles, you can observe the movements of aerobic exercises such as running, walking, cycling, skating, jumping rope, skiing, climbing, step, elliptical, among the best known.

Routine to reduce the size of the legs (Beginners, week of example)

Day 1
30-40 minute elliptical or exercise bike at 65% HRmax.
Day 2
Squat with your own body weight: 3 sets of 10 repetitions
Lunge with your own body weight: 2 sets of 10 repetitions on each leg
Dominated or milestone in pulley: 4 sets of 10 repetitions
Day 3
Day 4
40 minutes treadmill, or outdoor 60% HR max.
Day 5
Repeat training day 2
Day 6
Aerobics (choice)
10 minutes 65-70% HRmax
Pause: 2 minutes
Repeat three times
Day 7
A greeting.

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