Science doubt that exercise is best for losing weight

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The diet is more important than moving the body

Interesting what has been deduced from a recent scientific research conducted at the University of Bristol, where it was found that exercise alone is not as effective in losing weight as it is diet. Read the rest of the note to find out more about it!

Surely for years you have heard that exercise was absolute and most effective in losing weight key. Well, it is clear that moving the body is good to spend energy and facilitate weight loss, there’s no doubt. But according to a study at the University of Bristol (we discovered through the great “What the science says slimming” Luis “Sentinel” Jimenez) would not be as important as diet.

By tracking people who tried to lose weight by diet alone or exercise alone, the results were conclusive in favor of the latter group. That is, one can dieting to lose weight more easily, without having to resort to the exercise. But if you exercise but eat foods that are not suitable, you will not get the same benefits. At least that is what was deduced in this work, which included more than 3,500 participants.

16800950-atleta-masculino-cauc-sico-haciendo-ejercicio-al-aire-libreStill, this work in the UK does not hesitate to say that the best results occurred when exercise and diet were combined, being the best option for controlling obesity long term. Something, however, loomed as obvious as a very real possibility, it is something that has full consensus.

However, we must avoid falling into the reductionism of “bah, I stop moving the body, most importantly the total diet”. Exercise matter much: it’s not only good to help burn fat and activate metabolism, but is good for your muscles, your cardiovascular system and even your mood. For this reason, at least a good daily walk should never miss in your life.

What do you think? Is it more important to exercise to lose weight or consider that diet is the key to losing weight? For surely that balance between the two points can be great, and the same study says so. But, lately, science is leaning on the side of adequate food as the dominant factor, always speaking individually, as you have seen in this note.

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