Tables of physical exercise to expend calories

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How to burn calories working out?

Know more about how many calories you can burn while doing physical exercises or in your daily tasks, these tables of activities, both sporting and everyday, to spend calories.

Ways to burn calories

If you want to lose weight in a balanced way and not get fat again, you should know that weight loss is ultimately the result of a negative caloric balance. For the heat balance is in effect, negative, other factors that complement the implementation of a low calorie diet.

9239977-ciclista-bicicleta-en-macedonia-con-un-sol-en-segundo-planoThe other side of the scale corresponds to the physical activity and calories burned to do it. You might think it is necessary that you kill yourself in the gym to lose weight. Nothing further away from reality. You can expend calories exercising, you can enjoy.

Whether you like walking or dancing, skating or riding a bike, swim or play tennis, any activity you do will require more or less energy. This energy is measured in calories, the same as they bring the different foods you eat every day.

Everyday tasks are also an additional opportunity to burn calories and fat with them. Since you get up until you go to bed, each of the small and large tasks consume their share of power. Would you like to know how many calories you spend with each exercise or activity? Well then query the tables below.

Furthermore, for more accurate calculus according to your weight, you can check the calculator you’ll find at the bottom of this article.

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How many calories can you burn with physical activity?

Physical activity (*)
Activity Calories
Walking 150 calories
250 calories walking fast
Running 325 calories
400 calories jogging
Dancing 90 calories
130 calories housework
Aerobics 180 calories
Bike 230 calories
Swimming 290 calories
Football, basketball 260 calories
Volleyball 190 calories
Climbing stairs 410 calarías
210 calories down stairs
Working sitting 60 calories
Tennis 260 calories
Skating 310 calories
Martial Arts 360 calories
Fitness 180 calories
(*) This index tells us that calories are spent half an hour in any physical activity.

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How many calories you spend doing everyday activities?

Daily Activity
Index (cal x kgr x 30 min.) (**)
Activity Calories
Sleeping 0.45 calorie
Ease 0.54 calories
Read 0.54 calories
Write 0.81 calories
Stand 0.87 calories
Sitting 0.75 calories
Talk 0.72 calories
Showering 1.38 calories
Washing and dressing 1.5 calories
Make the bed 1.71 calories
Dishwashing 1.11 calories
Wash floors 1.98 calories
Clean windows 1.83 calories
1.89 calories board
Sweep 0.93 calories
Vacuuming 2.04 calories
Cooking 1.35 calories
Driving 1.20 calories
7.62 calories climbing stairs
3.03 calories down stairs

(**) This index indicates the number of calories expended per kg. Of weight in 30 minutes. This means that if you weigh 55 kg. and kitchens for half an hour, we should multiply 55 x 1.35 = 74.25 calories. This result shows that in half an hour of cooking, spend 74, 25 calories.

However, these figures correspond to the average calories, you can get to spend with certain physical exercises. If you want to know exactly how many calories spend it according to your body weight, see the calculator of calories consumed during the year, which will give you that information in seconds.

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