Tips and tricks to lose weight dancing at home

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Dance and have fun with the music you like

Use music to lose weight is always a good idea. When you employ the power of musical notes in your favor, always with a certain intention, you will not have any kind of problem for you this favor. Learn some tricks that will help you enjoy music and lose weight!

Want to get fit hand in the most danceable and energetic music? This is something entirely possible, of course. Just encourage and implement some advice so that your body is in motion. Do not forget to see this article for

These are some of the ways to use the music to lose weight.

Use the music that you like to dance

6373866-las-ni-as-adolescentes-felices-escuchar-m-sica-a-trav-s-de-auriculares-y-auriculares-divirti-ndose-jDancing is always a very good activity to lose weight, why not hesitate. Move your body, you work all your muscles, you have fun and you enjoy the music. You like the sauce? For it is great exercise. Like the cumbia? Well it is. Like the pop? Put a disc of Michael Jackson and do choreographies.

Any dance music, if you spend some time daily, motivates you, puts you in a good mood and helps you exercise almost without you noticing. Of course, also has to go out dancing with your girlfriends / os.

Practice hip-hop

Hip hop is trendy and is perfect to put to work your body. Do not forget to consider when hip hop as an option, because you work choreographies that include muscle movements of all kinds.

This dance you used to lose weight, but also to tone, something that is always extremely necessary.

Put music and performs accelerated cardio

Put a sign of techno, house or any music that is energetic and has rhythm. Then, get to perform cardio exercises that are most useful for weight loss.


I recommend you read this note Susana Dakidissa, which advises some cardio issues that should not be overlooked. And if you mix Daki exercises and appropriate music, it assumes that the kilos begin to fall.

Learn to dance to relax

Not everything is energy jumps and background music. The sounds and new age music you can also help you relax when you perform stretching exercises and you’re much quieter, without the food cravings that can overwhelm you from time to time.

You can supplement the diet with other dance tricks to burn calories in a fun way without going to the gym.

Be sure to put these great tips! Have fun, something that is very important to be happy, feel the music you like and put your body in motion. A combination, accompanied by a diet, more exercise and a good attitude, you will form soon.

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