Using your step to burn up to 600 calories per hour?

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To lose weight we must increase physical activity and reduce caloric intake or what is the same, burn more calories than consumimos6 ways to burn 600 calories per day.

Most people want to lose weight and know that to achieve this must have a lot of discipline and commitment, especially when feeding and exercise is all about. There are several ways to lose weight every day, and you do not starve or subjected to a strict regime that can bring serious consequences to health.

The key is to be clear that we must reduce caloric intake and increase physical activity, so that we manage to burn at least 600 calories a day.

Why is it advisable to burn 600 calories a day?
Burn 600 calories a day is a goal that can easily meet and we have to make minimum efforts spending little time each day. There are different ways to burn 600 calories a day, even while performing everyday activities in our home or work.

To burn 600 calories a day we can perform different exercises and consider some recommendations that will help us achieve the goal to increase the caloric intake of the body. If we can eliminate 3,500 calories per week, in total we will lose a pound of weight without having to submit to something stricter. Obviously, to achieve the goal, we must lead a healthier life and possibly complement burning calories through exercise.

How can we burn 600 calories a day?

As we have already mentioned, burn 600 calories is not a difficult task and we can get through everyday activities, simple exercise routines and even activities we can be pleasurable.

Steps to burn 600 calories every day
Step 1: To begin with we note that we burn more calories standing than sitting. For this reason, if we do simple activities like talking on the phone, let’s do it standing. By folding clothes, also standing. Although this may seem insignificant activities, the fact is that they are contributing to burning calories.
Step 2: obviously if we want to burn calories, we must have a daily exercise routine that helps us burn a significant amount of daily calories. But to enhance results and achieve the goal, we must increase the intensity of exercise and possibly time. For example: if we walk 30 minutes every day, we can make that same time but running. Instead of burning calories will be burning 100 200. We can also vary the exercises, combining aerobics with strength training.

Step 3: through our daily activities can exercise and burn calories without having to submit long to make a special activity. For example, instead of using the elevator, try to climb stairs every day. We can also use the time while brushing our teeth to do squats. Another way is to exercise ourselves while watching a TV program.

Step 4: In addition to aerobic exercise, can begin to include in routine exercises with weights, which are much more demanding. Include these exercises help to tone and pace will be burning more calories.
Step 5: Finally, can play sports to achieve our goal of 600 calories per day. For example you can play tennis, football, swimming or you like.
Traditional exercises to burn fat

The exercises are the best way to burn 600 or more calories daily. No need to go to the gym to achieve the goal, with simple exercises at home can achieve burn that many calories within weeks to notice the difference in our weight.

He jogging on a treadmill for an hour you will burn up to 675 calories.
Running on a treadmill for an hour will burn up to 986 calories will.
Jumping rope for an hour will make burn up 730 calories.
Do 20 minutes you will burn up squats 200 calories.
Walk for an hour can make you lose up to 200 calories.
30 minutes of daily bike will help you burn more than 200 calories.

Besides taking into account the recommendations to burn 600 calories a day, it is also important to eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, grains and water. If possible should minimize calorie intake, as most diets exceed the recommended amount of calories per person.

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