What do spinning routine to lose weight?

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Spinning exercises to lose weight


Hello how are you ?? I just wanted to know what I can do to get started with a routine of spinning, what kind of exercises I can do to warm up the muscles, how long they would have to bike for the first time, etc. I’ve never done spinning and do not want to go to a gym, I intend to buy my own bike and do it at home. I hope you can help me. Thank you. Good afternoon to everyone. Regards.
Rodriguez sent by viridiana

10305995-tres-personas-dando-vueltas-en-el-gimnasio-el-ejercicio-de-sus-piernas-y-entrenamiento-cardiovasculaHello Viridiana: in the category “Videos spinning exercises” will find a clear and straightforward explanation of how to perform a routine of spinning for weight loss and cellulite reduction.

Spinning is an excellent aerobic exercise that allows you to not only lose calories and weight, but also gives you other benefits:

improve your cardiovascular system,
combat stress,
strengthens your muscles.
If you also want to eliminate sagging tone, in this video you can see how the spinning can improve the appearance of your legs.


I hope I’ve been helpful.
A greeting.

Spinning to lose weight

spinning bike

Hello I am yajaira my question is I have a veloci bike fitness (rotative action fit) do not know if is suitable for spinning and chain, I would start exercising at home but do not know how I can teach using it since I have informed and spinning is good for weight loss is my problem waist up because I fat belly and arms back exercise does that serve me to lose weight thes
e parts? Do you know if they can give you spinning classes online or you sell full routines you explain well?
Sent by yajaira guadalupe
Hello Guadalupe: Both spinning bike as fixed are really effective to help lose weight.

But you must read well: I said ‘help’, as the main factor for you to lose weight is to follow a diet, then yes, complete with exercise. Indeed, it is much better to lose weight and start a diet, supplemented with physical activity to keep just a diet and stay sedentary.

Spinning is an aerobic activity burn calories therefore the duration of the exercise. Then, aerobic activity is effective after 20 minutes of continuous activity carried out at low or medium intensity. However, the minimum recommended time is set to 30 minutes, and the maximum one hour.

You can therefore deduce that the greater the number of minutes of exercise performed, the more calories burned. It is also advisable to pedal for very short periods of time at high intensity. Therefore, you have to achieve exercising at a pace where you can pedal at least at least 30 minutes without stopping and trying to reach the 60 minutes limit.

Within that time you can increase the speed almost to the maximum for short periods of about 20 seconds then lower the intensity following a soft pedaling recovery to last about 2 or 3 minutes. These speed ranges the can 6 to 10 times per session.

Remember that if you do not accompany this diet will be very difficult to lose weight.

I hope I’ve helped.
A greeting.

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