What is water aerobics to lose extra kilos

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13664501-feliz-grupo-haciendo-fitness-acu-tico-en-la-piscinaHow to water aerobics to lose weight

There are many sports that can help you lose some extra kilos and lose weight. One is the water aerobics. If you want to know more about this activity, you better know what it is and how to do to achieve your ultimate goal, lose weight effectively.

There are different physical activities that will serve as a tool to lose extra kilos. One of these physical activities is the water aerobics. This, for its special features, is ideal for those who are not very fond of the exercises.

What is water aerobics?

The water aerobics is a physical activity that takes place underwater, and consists of two parts.
A first aerobic party seeking to increase metabolism, but in a controlled manner. Is music which sets the pace, burning more calories or less.
The second part consists of localized exercises, his goal is to achieve muscle tone, such as arms and legs.

That is, doing water aerobics routine you can lose weight and keep your muscles strong. This type of activity is ideal for those who lose weight, but that in turn have other health problems such as arthritis, hip problems, fibromyalgia, etc.

These are some of the characteristics of the water aerobics depending on the main objective which is to lose weight. But as this is an ideal activity to lose weight, you need to know how to apply this discipline to your daily life.

How do the water aerobics to lose weight?
The water aerobics is performed in 3 stages

Preheating. This step prevents injuries and aims to increase the heart rate.

main stop. This stage routine physical exercises specifically designed for you and the group is performed. The aim is to achieve maximum intensity.

Stretching. During this stage is to lower the heart rate and to cool down, stretching and relaxing muscles.

Overall water aerobics class lasts 1 hour, and obviously must be controlled by a physical education teacher accredited.

There are many physical activities that can keep handy when starting a treatment for weight loss, perhaps the water aerobics suits your body and your goal. It will also be very funny. Do not miss it!

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