10 light sauces vegetables to your diet that will surprise you

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Vegetable recipes perfect for any dish

Want to try some good light sauces? Here are 10 recipes. All with vegetables and enjoy on the spot. Do not those go to waste!

Sauces can be the best company for countless dishes, whole wheat pasta, perhaps a piece of chicken or fish. Combining certain plants you can create the most diverse sauces to give every dish a special touch.

1- light mushroom sauce

Mushrooms, besides being delicious, they contain very few calories, making them an ideal food to eat when you’re dieting to lose weight.

This sauce does not require many ingredients and you can do it in a few minutes, you need fungi that you like can be portobelllos, gargoyles or a combination or alternatively, garlic, soy sauce, tomato extract, chives and seasonings to taste mushrooms. Saute all ingredients in a pan (put each according to the required cooking time). This sauce goes luxury with rice or tofu.

10661714-la-salsa-de-soja-que-fluye-sobre-una-cuchara-aisladas-sobre-fondo-blanco2- sour tomato sauce

Ketchup is one of the most common because of its relationship with the polenta and pasta, for example. However, you can give an innovative turn with a bittersweet to your diet is not monotonous and add new flavors oriental touch. This sauce is prepared to chutney style, with tomatoes, onions, prunes, ginger and some nontraditional ingredients such as cumin and cayenne pepper. Dare to try new flavors and make your diet fun.

3- Vegetable Sauce

If what you need is to add more vegetables to your diet (and it costs a bit) try this sauce containing carrots, peppers of all colors, garlic, squash and tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper or spices you like and use it in your favorite foods without guilt.

4- broccoli sauce

This vegetable can be tricky to add to your diet because they may not like it, but with this sauce will not hesitate to give him another chance. Boil broccoli (supports the odor, it will be worth), cut into pieces and fry in a pan with two cloves of garlic, then processes the result. Bring the sauce back into the pan and thicken with a little cornstarch, although this step is not required, add salt and pepper to taste … and enjoy a delicious low-calorie sauce.

5- pepper sauce

Enjoy your favorite dish with an original sauce of peppers. You need peppers (if they are of various colors better;)), tomatoes and capers. Prepare the sauce in a pan with a little vegetable spray and season to taste. This sauce is ideal for chopping a raw carrot sticks as part of a light meal, a fast food and natural light.

6-basil sauce

Basil is a silver can use almost no limits on your diet to lose weight, you can leverage your herbal touch to give a delicious flavor to any dish. It is best that a completely uncooked sauce, which will give you all the nutrients of the ingredients, can also prepare in minutes and enjoy. Process a few basil leaves thoroughly cleaned with a clove of garlic and a few capers, a drizzle of olive oil and lemon, spices to taste. Once processed whole capers added some more to give it another texture. Enjoy this sauce inspired by traditional pesto in any dish.

7-sauce pumpkin

Pumpkin, being low in calories, is one of the main components of any weight loss program also gives you fiber, vitamins and minerals. Finely chop an onion, garlic and pepper color you want, fry, add some chopped tomatoes without skin and seeds and pumpkin puree ultimately incorporated. To give a special flavor you can prepare pumpkin baked instead of boiled. Mix well to make it creamy and served as you like.

8- Creole Sauce

This sauce will give flavor to any dish such as grilled chicken or tophi, which often can be somewhat bland. Finely chop one small onion, a pepper and a tomato without seeds. Use a bowl to dissolve a pinch of salt in a half cup of vinegar, let stand for 15 minutes. Add vegetables cut above and half a cup of olive oil. Mix and let stand for a few hours to allow the flavors to settle. You can give a Mexican twist with a little hot pepper.

9- sauce carrots

Boil two carrots in vegetable broth (homemade if possible to avoid excess salt), add a garlic if you prefer. After a tender process the vegetables with the same broth. Add curry, salt and pepper to taste, and little parsley to finish. Feel free to try this sauce in this dish of pasta with zucchini, ideal to supplant carbohydrates flour.

10- Raw BBQ Sauce

You know that eating raw vegetables is the best you can do, will take advantage over their properties and also will fill you more (and eat less). The BBQ sauce is a favorite of more than one, do not have to forget it, try this raw version. Need a cup of finely chopped tomatoes, a little onion, if you dare one chile, cilantro, lemon juice and a little water. Combine all ingredients and let stand an hour or two so the flavors are at their best when serving.

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